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How To Choose the Perfect LED Sign for YOUR Organization

How To Choose the Perfect LED Sign for YOUR Organization

Surprised to find out there’s not just one kind of LED sign?

No worries, it’s easy as pie to choose the right one for your needs. Let me ask you a few questions…

Are you trying to grab people off the street, or sending a message to folks already inside your business?

Are those people glancing at your sign from far away or way up close and personal?

LED signs are the right choice for almost every advertising situation, but their type, size and resolution are going to vary.

In fact…

Bigger and clearer aren’t necessarily the right choice for your organization’s sign. Really, size and resolution are entirely dependent on several other factors, namely:

  • Will your sign be inside or outside?
  • How far away are its viewers?
  • How fast are those people moving?
  • Which type of content do you want to display?
  • What is your budget?

Don’t worry, this won’t be as complicated as you think.

Inside Versus Outside

The main distinction here is that outdoor signs are used for a completely different purpose than indoor ones.

Outdoor LEDs advertise to potential visitors, while indoor LEDs target people once they’re inside. Outdoor signs are, of course, purposefully built to withstand the elements. Meanwhile, indoor signs—because of space constraints—tend to be smaller and have higher resolutions (more on that in a second).

Viewing Distance

Here, we’re talking about how far your LED sign stands from its audience.

Just like you wouldn’t put a 60” TV in your kitchen, you don’t want a gigantic LED sign hanging in the window of your bakery…or a tiny display in your parking lot trying to catch drivers’ attention from the expressway.

Type of Traffic

Refers to how people are going to come across your sign—usually by walking or driving.

Our eyes simply don’t have time to register ultra-high definition displays when we’re flying down the highway. Of course, we can tell the difference when we’re walking or driving slowly…and in these cases, low resolution could be a distraction.

Type of Content

Certain types of LED signs handle different content styles better than others.

While high-resolution displays look great with all content types—from videos to animations to scrolling messages to plain text—lower resolutions may look blurry playing videos.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an LED sign up and running. We all want the best for our organizations, but you might not need a top-of-the-line model.

Simply put, LED signs grab peoples’ attention—regardless of how much money you spend.

Putting It All Together

Alright, so the next step is actually determining which specific type of sign is best for you.

Signs with incredibly high resolution—such as MEGA’s APEX line—are ideal for shorter viewing distances with slow-moving traffic, and are perfect when space is an issue. They can also handle just about any type of content you can think of.

On the flip-side, larger and lower resolution displays work better with a distant audience, with MEGA’s PREMIER model turning heads up to 245 feet away. These signs also excel at advertising to vehicles moving up to 45 mph.

Budget signs such as our VERSA line are perfect for small business owners looking for a big influx of new customers, since they can easily fit in most storefronts and go to work immediately…without all the bells and whistles.

And for indoor options, consider the ultra-high resolution SMD, custom-built to excel inside at close distances.

Well, hopefully now you have a better idea of exactly which type of signs could benefit your organization. That wasn’t too bad, right?

And, If you need more help figuring out which works best for you, take a look at our full line of outdoor LED signs.

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