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How to Care for Your LED Sign

How to Care for Your LED Sign

LED signs are a big investment, and protecting your purchase is the key to seeing maximum ROI for years to come. Read on to see how to properly care for your LED sign, protecting it from the elements and whatever else life throws at you.

Keeping Your LED Sign Looking Fresh

For general cleaning, wash your LED sign with mild soap and warm water, such as dish soap. NEVER use any type of abrasive such as a scrub brush or scouring pad since it could scratch your sign’s surface. Rinse your sign with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth to avoid water spots.

You can use the same water/soap solution to clean the sign’s surface, cabinet, frame, and other metallic, painted surfaces.

Spot Cleaning Your LED Sign

Your LED sign can be spot cleaned with a product like Windex using a soft towel or cloth, but avoid using paper towels, Lysol, Pinesol, or other cleaners that contain butyl cellosolve.

If you need to remove lime or calcium deposits, clean the sign with a solution of water and vinegar in a 10:1 ratio, or a solution of water and baking
soda in a 1:1 ratio.

How to Remove Graffiti from an LED Sign

If your sign’s polymer surface has been defaced with permanent marker, spray paint, or dried eggs, don’t panic. You can remove all of the above with isopropyl alcohol, lacryl, or VM&P Naphtha.

Just apply the cleaning agent directly to your sign’s affected area and wipe with a sponge or soft cloth.

For graffiti on painted metal sections of your sign, you can use WD40, isopropyl alcohol, or bug and tar remover like 3M Adhesive.

LED Sign Preventative Care

There are other ways to prevent damage to your LED sign before it happens, such as…

Shutting Your Sign Down

Powering down your sign when your business doesn’t need it will greatly extend the lifetime of your sign, plus save on energy costs.

Clean Regularly

LED Outdoor signs collect dirt and dust over time, dulling their exposure and reducing their effectiveness. Locations with a dry climate or lots of snow will want to wipe down your sign more often with a damp cloth than others.

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

Your LED sign is an investment, and taking care of that investment with routine checks will ensure your sign lasts for years to come.

Of course, choosing a quality sign to begin with will give your business a real edge right off the bat, which is why you should seriously consider one of our indoor or outdoor LED signs. MEGA’s signs are easy to use and built to last, and of course, drive business like you wouldn’t believe.

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