15 May

How Restaurant LED Signs Are Leading the Modern Marketing Charge

How Restaurant LED Signs Are Leading the Modern Marketing Charge

The days of Yellow Page ads, direct mail and radio spots are coming to a close.

Today, with digital marketing featuring so prominently over older outbound techniques like cold calling and mail campaigns, you might think there’s no room left for something as antiquated as a sign or billboard.

The thing is, signs have been around for thousands of years in one form or another. And instead of fading quietly into the night, signs have evolved to get with the times. Enter the LED sign.

Let’s take a look at some of the 21st century’s biggest marketing players, and why LED signs should be part of your advertising arsenal.


Most modern businesses have a website nowadays, which is pretty much required now that so many prospects are looking for information online instead of offline.

It’s true that you don’t need a $100,000 website to pull in business, but your website does need to give prospects a shining first impression of your restaurant and your brand, setting the tone for all future contact you’ll have.

Social Media

Social media marketing gives you restaurant powerful tools to reach unique segments of the population who are most interested in your business.

Another benefit of social media is social proof, where reviews (hopefully good reviews) will influence other people to choose your restaurant. The more people who record their positive experience with you online, the more people that are interested in your restaurant, leading to more reviews, etc.


Maybe your restaurant isn’t quite ready to start its own YouTube channel, but we’d be remiss to exclude this powerful platform from our list. More now than ever, people are watching videos and content from online providers instead of TV channels, meaning there will come a time when YouTube commercials hold more sway than television ads.

Whether that day is tomorrow or ten years from now remains to be seen.

LED Signs

These are all powerful marketing methods, but the most powerful—like LED signs—are the ones where you control both the message and the medium.

By controlling the medium, we mean that you own your LED sign. You aren’t restricted to advertising in a certain time slot. You aren’t restricted to a specific message. And you aren’t restricted by money. Outside of the sign’s initial installation costs, your restaurant LED becomes a pure investment and money generator for your restaurant.

LED signs combine the multimedia power of TV and YouTube ads with the local relevancy and reach of a billboard and the control of a website.

In short, restaurant LED signs should be part of every restaurant’s advertising arsenal, period.

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