15 May

How LED Signs Are Leading the Modern Marketing Charge

How LED Signs Are Leading the Modern Marketing Charge

The days of radio spots, Yellow Page ads and direct mail campaigns are coming to a close. Today, with digital marketing techniques taking precedence over older outbound methods like direct calls and TV ads, you might think there’s no room left for something as antiquated as a sign or billboard.

Well, signs have also embraced the 21st century—enter the LED sign.

Let’s take a look at some of the cutting edge marketing trends you business needs to adopt in order to get an edge over the competition.


It’s really necessary to have a business website nowadays, especially considering that online searches are where a majority of prospects look for solutions to their problems.

While you don’t need a world-class website when you’re just getting started, your site does offer a powerful opportunity to give prospects a key first impression of your business and your brand, setting the tone for all future communications you have with them.

Social Media

Social media marketing gives you business a powerful tool to reach very specific groups of people who might be very interested in what you have to offer.

The added benefit of social media is social proof, where online reviews (hopefully good ones) can be displayed proudly for all to see. The more people find your business and walk away with a positive experience, the more that leave reviews—creating a snowball effect that’ll bring you in tons of new sales.


With YouTube slowly but surely supplanting television as our go-to entertainment source, YouTube ads are also replacing costly TV ads as advertisers embrace a whole new way to reach audiences and sell like never before.

While YouTube ads aren’t the right fit for every business or every budget, they represent the next logical evolution of TV ads and are a powerful tool for businesses the world over.

LED Signs

One of the uniting factors between all of these advertising methods is that you control the message. But the most powerful marketing solutions are the ones where you also control the medium.

Like websites, LED signs are owned by YOU. That means you have the power to adjust your messaging on the fly, changing anything and everything about your ads and communications within a matter of seconds.

LED signs combine the multimedia power that makes TV and YouTube ads so successful with the local reach of a billboard and the flexibility and personalization of a website. In short, it’s basically the perfect tool for businesses looking to upgrade the advertising arsenal and win more customers than ever before.

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