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Graphics or Text: Which is Most Important for LED School Signs?

Graphics or Text: Which is Most Important for LED School Signs?

The use of graphics and animations in LED signs is getting more and more common by the day, and why not when they’ve proven to be a fast, safe return on investment for businesses, organizations and schools the world over?

But are animations and graphics right for every school?

LED signs are visually enticing and enable you to create messages with both text and graphics, but your school might not need both to create successful messages. Before you have your heart set on a specific sign, think about what you actually intend to convey to your audience.

Study your options and don’t rush the buying process. You may have been considering video-capable digital displays without actually needing it, when a text-only sign would have more than sufficed.

Many people are enticed by the flashy graphics and wow-factor of video-capable LED signs, but buying one just to keep up with the Joneses might not be the best decision for your school or university.

If you’ve gone over your options and you feel that you really need video (and many schools DO need video, based on their advertising and messaging goals), then go ahead and get the higher-end model, and watch in amazement as faculty, staff, parents and students are blown away by your HD videos and animations.

If not, you can still wow passersby with elite messaging using a text-only sign. It all depends on the school and your goals.

Don’t Forget About Location!

Before deciding on an LED school sign, you have to keep your location in mind, too.

If you feel like potential viewers of your sign will have competition for their attention, then going with a flashier sign will pay dividends in cutting through the noise.

If your sign will be placed in a location where there are little distractions, you may be better off saving a few bucks and going with a more basic sign model.

Your manufacturer—hopefully us—will be able to give you recommendations based on your location, budget and goals to make the buying process easier. Remember, your school is your business—find a manufacturer who genuinely wants to help, and not just one looking for a sale.

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