Full Color LED Signs provide vivid colors, enhanced graphics, and realistic reproductions

The benefits of Full Color LED Signs

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Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Full Color LED Sign

The Difference is Mega

MEGA Full Color LED Signs

MEGA’s Full Color LED signs are designed, built and supported in the USA.

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Faith Heights Church LED sign
St Joseph Parish After Church LED signs

What are Full Color LED signs?

Full color LED signs are like the vibrant storytellers of the advertising world. With the ability to display a wide range of colors and dynamic content, these signs take message delivery to a whole new level. They are often used by businesses, schools, churches, and various organizations to broadcast messages, promote events, or simply add a dash of color to the regular communication.


The Benefits of Full Color LED Signs

One of the major benefits of full color LED signs is their eye-catching appeal. The plethora of colors and the ability to display moving images or videos make these signs hard to ignore, making them a great tool for grabbing people’s attention. They also offer a high degree of flexibility. You can change the content as often as you like, making them a perfect choice for displaying time-sensitive information or varying promotional messages. Moreover, they allow for creative expression. Unlike monochrome LED signs, full color LED signs let you get creative with your designs, which can help in better conveying your brand or message. Plus, despite the high initial investment, they are cost-effective in the long run as they are durable, require minimal maintenance, and can be updated without any recurring costs.


Full Color LED Signs Statistics

Full Color signs have been found to capture 400% more views than static signs, showcasing their ability to pull in eyeballs. Also, about 83% of business owners noticed an increase in sales after installing digital signs. This reflects the potential of full color LED signs in driving business objectives. Additionally, digital signage has a recall rate of 83%, which is significantly higher than traditional media, indicating that messages displayed on full color LED signs are likely to be remembered by the viewers. To see more Digital Signage statistics, see our article here.

In summary, full color LED signs are like the vibrant canvases on which modern-day communication unfolds. They not only enhance the visibility and appeal of the messages but also offer a platform for creativity and timely communication. Their ability to draw attention and leave a lasting impression makes them a valuable asset for anyone looking to make a bold statement in the public eye.

Full-Color LEDs: Are You Ready for Prime Time?

Monochrome full color LED signs are often enough for small businesses to get a leg up on the competition. But what if you want to blow the other guys out of the water? Full-color programmable LED displays are the ticket, and here’s why:

  • Advertisements displayed on Full color LED signs reach upwards of 70% of the general population, compared to just 45% for Facebook
  • Full-color LEDs are capable of displaying full videos-because sometimes your message needs more than a couple words;
  • LEDs in vivid full-color aren’t just one-trick ponies-they can be used to advertise sales and news on your storefront, provide digital menus for restaurants, and make your organization stand out from the rest.

Full-color, programmable LED displays and signs are simply the best, most proven way to reel in visitors and increase sales. They demand attention instead of just asking for it like other marketing mediums.

Full-Color, Full Attention

People are learning to tune out advertisements. However, an incredible 63% of your customers notice Full Color LED Signs, compared to the diminishing returns of billboards and pop-up ads. Good for your business, bad for your competitors who are only using the “tried-and-true” methods. Did you know that full color LED signs and displays are even more effective than word of mouth advertising, traditionally known as the most effective, sought after marketing technique?


A row of LED signs in MEGA LED Technology's warehouse

Mega LED Technology is a leading manufacturer of programmable LED signs. From our humble beginnings in 2006, our company has expanded leaps and bounds by staying committed to our goal: to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices while delivering unrivaled customer service and support.

Our product development department constantly strives to push LED technology forward, our sales department will help you make an educated decision based on your needs, and our technical support team will provide you with the best service for the lifetime of your product. Whether you’re looking for an entry level display or a digital billboard, we’ve got you covered.

3 LED Products, Unlimited Possibilities


Versa Scrolling LED sign in three varietes

Communicate to your prospects and customers as they walk by with VERSA™ – our low cost scrolling LED window sign that is easy to work with.


Purple Jack in the Box Premier Outdoor LED sign

Turn passerby’s into customers with PREMIER™ – an outdoor LED sign perfectly crafted to make your business stand out, get noticed, and be seen.


St Paul Presbyterian Church LED sign

Upgrade your old marquee sign with ALPHA – our easy-to-install, easy-to-use high quality outdoor Full color LED signs, frame and stand specifically designed to capture the attention you deserve.

Upgrading To Full Color LED Signs

Signage trends don’t always change much from one year to the next, but that’s not the case for 2021. Here are the trends to consider integrating into your marketing and design.

Most of this year’s trends are heavily influenced by the changes in consumer habits created by social distance shopping. Many businesses upgraded to Full Color LED signs in 2020 to communicate their COVID protocols and provide essential communication from a distance. For example, to communicate their changing hours of operation and capacity control with a digital sign placed in their window.

With social distancing still in place businesses across every industry are upgrading their single and tricolor signs to full color LED signs. Full color LED signs are the most versatile digital option as they can post text, motion graphics, animation, images, and video—and alternate a timed and scheduled mix of communication and ads. They are also the best way to support most of the signage trends that follow.

Large Sign in New York warning of Covid-19
Free content creation for a year for Full color LED signs

Don’t say goodbye to your digital sign designer quite yet, but you may be able to start designing more of your signs in-house. Signage software companies are recognizing the increased need for DIY digital sign templates. This includes templates that display text-based communication in a manner that is more engaging than scrolling or static text, as well as clean and simple designs that you only have to upload images, video, and text to. Consider software such as Rise Vision, ScreenScape, Enplug Digital Sign, and ScreenCloud.

These software systems empower you to update your signs in real-time if safety protocols have changed or if you need to deploy essential communication. When it comes to your marketing materials you may continue to work with a professional sign designer to ensure maximum impact. Feel free to ask your designer if they can create matching templates within your digital design software for your text-heavy communication displays.

With MEGA, we will also create your first sign for you absolutely free, and you will get 3 free static slides absolutely free, every month for a year!

In 2021 you will see commercial IoTs being integrated to include the consumer in a variety of ways that personalize digital engagement. We’ve seen a bit of this over the past several years, but this is the year that will tip the scales.

Branded apps are increasingly integrated with GPS and beacon technology to send personalized digital promotions to consumers who are nearby and in-store. This goes beyond the trend of letting consumers know your current specials to creating ads and promotions targeted to the individual shopper. This is the difference between a generic Happy Hour promo sent to returning customers who are within a 2 block radius to a promo for the specific drink or food item they purchased the last time they dined-in or ordered from your restaurant.

AR and VLC technology will be utilized for everything from trying clothes on virtually to facial recognition when in-store, and populating consumer-specific ads and communication on targeted screens—such as digital signs placed outside dressing rooms that suggest clothing items that pair well with what they are trying on.

Integrated Digital Api Signs background
App to Map for Full Color LED Digital Signs

A continuation of personalized signage, many businesses are supporting social distancing and minimizing gathering around printed and digital directories by providing in-app maps—also referred to as digital wayfinding or interactive wayfinding. Just like GPS driving directions, these apps pinpoint precisely where consumers are in a store or building and guide them to the most efficient route from where they are to where they want to be. While social distancing is the primary goal for many, this feature saves consumers time in large buildings and on campuses they are unfamiliar with such as schools, airports, and hospitals.

When shoppers head in-store to shop, far fewer are taking the time to browse the racks, aisle, menu, or inventory—and far more are purchasing precisely what they came for and checking out. Unfortunately, this minimizes upsells and spontaneous purchases. Pre-COVID shoppers who would have come in for a new pair of jeans may have also browsed to find a full outfit or additional separates and accessories. Or they would have spent longer browsing your menu and ordered more, now they just order their usual dishes.

By upgrading to full color LED signs, you can display your products or services in a context that is less like an ad and more of a digital catalog. The quality of the images, videos, and graphics must be crystal clear HD. Add text that includes the most relevant facts such as price, color alternatives, design materials, area of the store you can find it in, what other foods and drinks it may pair well with, online shopping options, and other FAQs shoppers have during the customer journey.

Boss engaging his employees
Inspection of Church for installation of Church LED sign

Online sales skyrocketed in 2020, including items traditionally reserved for in-store-shopping—such as luxury goods. Luxury retailers had to think outside of the box to provide shoppers with the confidence to purchase investment pieces online such as leather, gemstone jewelry, art, and high-end fashions. This is achieved by providing easy online or in-person returns and exchanges, as well as the secondary services that come standard with luxury items when purchased in-store. Secondary services include resizing jewelry, tailoring clothing to fit, framing artwork, and more. For safety and convenience, many secondary services are offered in-store or at satellite kiosks. These secondary services are promoted via digital signage both to ensure they are easy to find and as part of cross channel marketing designed to increase online sales.

If you haven’t noticed yet, full color LED signs that can communicate and advertise from a distance support most of the signage trends for 2021. When it comes to static signs such as logo signs, building numbers, area distinguishers, and quarterly printed pop—the options are elevated. For static signs to stand out amongst the growing trend in digitization, they must be stylized works of art. This goes beyond printing on gloss vs. matte but to printing on or designing long-term signs on non-traditional mediums with texture and depth. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Canvas
  • Plastic
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • 3D printing
  • And more
MEGA employees building a Church LED sign

If you are ready to upgrade to or add new full color digital LED signs to your business in 2021, we invite you to reach out to Mega LED Technology. We custom build each sign to your precise size and specs to mount or hang indoors or outside. Let’s get started!

Full Color LED Signs Built Specifically for optimal conversions

All of our Full Color LED signs are built with high quality components and attention to detail. Passerby and customers are going to love the stunning LED display for years to come.

What our valued customers are saying

Full Color LED Signs 2
JOHN LEHNE (Facilities Director, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

“We are very happy with our Mega LED display!  Since it was installed we have found it to be a very effective tool in communicating our programs and upcoming special events.  The sign is meeting our needs."

Full Color LED Signs 3
GREG EDWARDS (Farmers Insurance, Pennsylvania)

"We recently purchased a MEGA sign and I couldn't be more happy. It arrived quickly and the installation was quick and easy. Programming the sign was even easier, especially after contacting MEGA's technical support."

Full Color LED Signs 4
SYLVIA SMITH (Director of Marketing, Iowa)

"We've loved working with MEGA. Both their product and support have been top-notch. The product is everything we hoped for and more: bright, eye-catching and perfect for our business. They helped us every step of the way too. Best of all, it's increasing our ROI"

Full Color LED Signs 5
ROGER SIMMONS (Sun-glass Shop - California)

"I love the Digital sign we put up outside our store. It's bright, represents our brand perfectly, and catches everyone's attention. We have already had many compliments about how good the sign looks. Our business has seen a significant increase in traffic as a result which has impacted our sales".

Full Color LED Signs 6
LEN FOUST (The First Baptist Church of Baltimore)

"We the First Baptist Church of Baltimore thank you for your service and patience these past 2 half years. The church members, visitors, and friends are simply delighted with the signage by Mega LED. The installation of the sign has now inspired other churches nearby to consider an LED sign!"

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