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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Signs – Answered

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Signs – Answered

Have questions about LED signs? You’re not alone.

Let’s dive right in with answers to 7 of the most common questions people have about LED displays, starting with…

1. Which LED Sign Is THE Best For My Organization?

Glad you asked.

That all comes down to the who, where, what, when, why and how of your particular needs.

How far away will your sign be from the highway? What sort of message will your sign display? Who is your sign’s target audience?

And since that’s a beefy question that deserves its own blog post…we wrote one, which you can find here.

2. What the heck does “LED” mean?

To be brief, LED simply means Light Emitting Diode. LEDs are brighter, last longer and use less energy than standard light bulbs. An LED sign is made of many individual LEDs packed closely together.

Each point of light on a sign is called a pixel, which stands for “picture element.” On monochrome displays, pixels each consist of a single LED, while pixels in color displays feature 3 closely packed diodes—one green, one blue and one red.

Screens with more pixels display more detailed images. You might also see the term pixel pitch tossed around. Pitch basically means the distance between individual LEDs or color LED clusters—the smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution.

3. Are monochrome displays effective anymore, or do I need a flashy full-color sign?

Monochrome LEDs are probably what most people think of when you mention LED signs. They’re budget-friendly, but still eye-catching enough to entice new visitors.

They’re the workhorse of many businesses, and to be honest, they just might be the best choice for your organization.

On the other hand, if you want to play videos or replicate the power of a television ad, you’ll want to consider investing in a color display.

4. How do I know I have a quality LED sign, and how long is this thing going to last?

Top-notch LED signs are designed, built and supported in the USA. They have airtight warranties—say, 5 years of parts and on-site labor. They have extensive documentation and readily available support.

Most importantly, the hallmark of a quality LED sign is a company that’s willing to stand by its product.

And how long is that awesome display outside your business going to be alive and kicking?

With MEGA’s attention to detail, dedication to best design and manufacturing practices, and our commitment to our customers…a very long time.

5. How much is a good LED sign going to cost me?

Probably a lot less than you think.

MEGA’s signs start at just $500, in fact. But that’s not exactly accurate, is it?

Spending a few grand on an LED sign isn’t the same as dropping the same amount on, say, a bunch of new staplers or a frozen margarita maker for your break room.

LED signs are advertising, plain and simple. And when you consider the return on investment for all forms of marketing—from newspapers to radio ads to Google—LED displays offer the highest ROI by far.

The best part? You can change your sign’s message at any time without spending a cent.

So, no matter what you pay today, be sure to factor in exactly how much the sign is worth—because they usually end up paying for themselves.

6. Do I have to wait forever for my sign to arrive?

Nope, not even if we’re building something totally crazy and completely customized for you.

And for standard orders, expect your sign to be ready to roll in just a few weeks.

Oh, and shipping is free. Go somewhere else if you want someone to nickel-and-dime you.

7. All I care about is…how is an LED sign going to help my business?

Well, do you like reeling in new customers?

Do you want to set your organization apart from your competitors?

Do you like making money?

Well, take a look at just about any business with a newly installed LED sign. Ask their customers exactly what brought them in that day. Do you know what the majority of new visitors say?

That the business’ LED sign was the main reason they decided to stop in.

So, that’s how LED signs can help your business.

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