31 Oct

Four Surefire Ways for Retail Stores to Dominate with Digital Signs

Four Surefire Ways for Retail Stores to Dominate with Digital Signs

Research by management consulting firm Russell Reynolds Associates has found that digital signs garner 72% more attention than online ads.

Meanwhile, over 40% of shoppers report that digital displays can change their buying decisions by serving them information relevant to their dominant buying motives at the point of purchase.

And a whopping 80% of shoppers say they’ve entered a store because a digital sign caught their eye. There’s no doubt about it, digital display advertising is driving massive traffic and boosting sales for retail operations all over the world.

Here are four powerful ways retail stores can use custom LED signs:

1. Driving Traffic Into Your Retail Store

If you don’t get the traffic into your store, nothing happens. It doesn’t matter how good your inventory and product selection are. It doesn’t matter how friendly and helpful your staff is. It doesn’t matter that you’re running a sale. It doesn’t matter how irresistible your specials are if customers don’t know about your specials.

If your prospects don’t even notice you, or don’t bother to walk into your store, you’ve already lost them to a competitor that caught their attention.

2. Making A Good Impression

What does a static display say about your retail business? Maybe that you aren’t up to date with current technology. People are accustomed now to seeing screens everywhere. Maybe it tells prospects you can’t or won’t invest in getting their attention, so you don’t value it as much. What does a digital display say about your business?

That you’re savvy to the latest advertising media, and that you’re well capitalized to deploy it for the prospect’s benefit. More importantly, how does a digital sign make a prospective customer feel? Charmed, excited, and interested.

3. Building A Brand and Relationship with Customers

The marketing study referenced earlier found that digital signs create a recall rate above 80% in consumers. Seeing your brand messaging in moving, dynamic images on a glowing array of pixels emblazons the message into their memory in a way that static ink simply can’t.

But let’s take it a step further than your message. Some retail operations, especially big ticket ones, can use digital signs to build a personal relationship with their customers. For instance, imagine walking out of the car dealership, keys in hand to take delivery of your new vehicle.

You look up and see the digital display outside congratulating you and your spouse by name on your new (Make and Model), with an animation of balloons and confetti. You’ll tell all your friends about it. That’s powerful.

4. Staying Relevant

With an initial investment up front, a digital sign can help you keep your advertisements relevant while saving you time and money.

At no additional cost, you can quickly and easily update your digital display with announcements, new product offerings, seasonal and holiday specials, or your store’s new social media account handle.

A digital sign is a potentially infinite number of signs that you can switch between as easily as updating your website or sending an email.

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