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Everyone Should Invest In LED Signs—Even Technophobes.

Everyone Should Invest In LED Signs—Even Technophobes.

Are you familiar with the term “technophobe”?

Technophobes are people who are wary, or downright afraid, of trusting new, advanced technologies.

They are people who may distrust the wonders of modern technology–among them, digital signage. Although LED signs have truly started to take over the industry, many people still fall behind merely due to their lack of confidence in all manners of digital advertising.

Do you know such a person? It’s very possible to change their whole world with a little gentle persuasion that is backed up by solid evidence. No one should miss out on the benefits of digital signs, so it’s truly worth the time.

In order to turn around a person’s mindset, you need to find out the underlying cause of their fear of technology. In the case of LED signs, the cause, among other things, lies within what we, the manufacturers, are bringing up to their minds.

When promoting digital signs, we often use words such as “innovative”, “cost-effective”, “modern”. While these are all perks and no one can deny that, a person less familiar with technology will see just one thing: having to learn a whole new, difficult task. What task? The task of using and maintaining a digital signage network.

Without meaning to, we have driven fear into the minds of people who dislike modern technology. After all, what are benefits, if one doesn’t know how to operate the device?

To someone born and raised in the era of the internet, it may sound easier than to someone who does not need to use the computer on a daily basis. However, technophobes are not strictly from older generations. Many very young people still avert new technologies just because they are afraid of the complex technicalities that they will need to grasp in order to operate this new device or program.

Where LED signs are concerned, we can easily see what benefits they bring. We can all see the beautiful, responsive adverts that can be created with them–so there is no need to convince people to use them. However, what we do need to do, is to show technophobes that they are able to use this technology without a struggle.

Here are some of the surface objections that we will need to overcome:

  • LED signs are too expensive
  • A digital sign will not contribute towards making money
  • It is not feasible
  • It’s too hard to use
  • It won’t look great

Knowing that these are the most common gripes people have with LED signs, how do we overcome them? What can we say, or do, to show people that LED signs are in fact fantastic, and nothing to be scared of?

Here is a list of things we can say to turn a technophobe into a tech-junkie – at least when it comes to digital signage!

1. Stop using the words “digital signage”

The first step may sound a bit strange, but it’s super effective! These days, even technophobes are slowly turning towards some technological novelties, such as:

  • Smart phones
  • Cars that run on electricity
  • Computers, laptops
  • Tablets
  • Emailing instead of using fax machines

These are some noteworthy examples that even your technophobe customer, friend or family member probably uses on a daily basis. If you know of one example where they used to be hesitant, but now manage it just fine, bring it up! Don’t talk about the thing they fear – talk about the fear they used to have & successfully overcame. Only then bring up this new thing they might succeed at.

2. Show them the ropes

If you talk to a technophobe about installing a digital sign, the first thing they will tell you is “I don’t know how to do that. It’s too difficult.”

This is actually a great second step for you, and this kind of response should not be discouraging. This gives you the chance to shine – to show them how to install a digital signage system and use it for themselves.

Fortunately, installing a digital sign does not require the help of a technician. You won’t need a smart tech expert to come in and do it for you. This is something that you or your technology-averse customer can do for yourselves.

To show them how easy it is to install a retail digital sign, you can simply send them an instructional video of someone installing a digital signage system. Better yet, if you are able to, bring the system to them and install it in front of their eyes. Have them watch every step – it’s really easy!

3. Get someone to help them

If your customer or colleague is still very convinced that they will not be able to work their new digital sign, it helps to refer them to a professional. You could refer them to a digital signage manager.

In this scenario, it’s good to bring up the benefits of LED signs that will improve their business. This will defeat their other objections, and the fear of technology is easy to combat by hiring a professional. It will be a worthwhile investment.

4. Help them with the installation and training

If you are trying to convince someone to invest in digital signage, you should be prepared to take that extra step and offer them full installation and training services. People want to feel supported and valued when they work with a business. If you can provide that, you’re already many steps ahead of the competition.

Once you install the digital signage network for the user, you can offer a network manager or someone to refer them to if they ever need help. You can offer regular maintenance or just a contact that they can call in case of questions.

If you want someone that will go the extra mile, contact us today to get your digital sign!

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