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Enhancing Your Brand with LED

Enhancing Your Brand with LED

It doesn’t matter if you work out of your garage or you run a massive multinational—your brand is everything, whether your realize you have a brand or not.

Perception is definitely reality, and whether deliberately or accidentally, your actions and inactions as a business owner shape your brand identity.

Branding might sound like an airy word with little substance, but the reality is that branding is the best way to purposefully shape perception of your business, and it works wonders. Branding boils down to:

  • Identity: who are you, and how does your business fit into your market?
  • Communication: how do you speak to customers, what do you say, and how can you do it better?
  • Values: what makes you unique, and how does that nuance make you a better choice for your customers?

Know what these all have in common? Communication.

And communication just so happens to be one of the fortes of LED signs.

Of course, LED signs aren’t your one-stop-shop for branding. You’ll want to pursue other avenues, such as building a website, creating content, etc. But LED signs are an integral part of the modern branding experience!

LED signs can really turn your brand into a powerhouse, but first these five things must align…


People need content, but they don’t need just any old content. Only quality content will suffice, and that’s where you need to get creative.

Nowadays more and more businesses are installing LED signs, and they way to differentiate yourself is to have better messaging. If you have to hire someone to develop content for you, so be it—advertising and marketing is an arms race, and professional content can be your secret weapon.


LED signs allow your business to be in your customers’ lives repeatedly, introducing them to new messages and enticing offers on a daily basis. This constant contact is the key to advertising in an ad-saturated world, and it works.


If your LED sign isn’t reliable, you’re never going to realize its full potential. Imagine if customers coming to your store randomly found the doors to be barred shut once per month—that’s what it’s like to have an LED sign out of commission. Make sure you’re buying quality hardware before you even think about brand building.


You’ll be glad you have a rock-solid warranty if and when life happens. People take for granted that their LED signs will run flawlessly for years. Even well-made signs can run into problems due to severe weather, vandalism, or other extreme situations. Choosing a company who stands by their warranty ensures your sign will be online more often, building your brand more often.


Can you schedule a new message from the comfort of your recliner will sipping a hot coffee? If not, your LED sign is stuck in the past. There’s simply no excuse for modern LED signs to not have Cloud-based software, and you shouldn’t be forced to drag around your office desk and computer to manage your LED hardware.

Brand Building with LED

LED signs are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to building and expanding your brand. With creative content and clear direction on where you want to take your business, they sky’s the limit. You don’t have to be Apple or Ferrari to care about branding!

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