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6 Elements of a Quality LED Sign

6 Elements of a Quality LED Sign

LED signs are a fantastic way to pack your store with customers and swamp your phone lines with calls…but not every sign is created equal.

Really, there are 6 absolutely crucial components every sign either has or doesn’t have. To get the biggest bang for your buck, be absolutely sure that your LED sign meets each and every one of these criteria:

1. Your LED Sign Is Made in the USA

“Made in the USA” isn’t a stamp you see too often nowadays. Even though we all want that American-made quality, it seems like just about everything from toothpaste to apple juice is made in another country.

Well, that’s just not good enough. Foreign-made LED signs tend to be, well…sub-par. Quality control just isn’t up to snuff. And when your business is relying on your LED display to bring in customers every single day, you shouldn’t need to worry about your investment fizzling out without warning.

And there lies the other problem with foreign LEDs. When they do break, how confident are you going to feel calling support halfway around the world? Or waiting a week for parts to arrive?

MEGA LED’s signs are all designed, manufactured and supported in the USA, meaning we’re always just around the corner…not across the ocean.

2. Your Sign’s Warranty Is Rock-Solid

Everybody offers a warranty, but have you ever thought what they’re really guaranteeing?

Put a different way, would you like to keep buying a new LED sign every year or so? After all, that’s what happens when you trust a shoddy manufacturer and they say “sayonara” after a painfully quick warranty period.

LEDs are complex, and a company that doesn’t both stand by their product AND bend over backwards to help you fix it isn’t worth gambling on.

MEGA offers an insane, industry-leading five-year warranty. That’s for parts and on-site labor, not just some online FAQ or chat support. Plus, if something does go wrong with your sign, expect replacement parts within 72 hours in the Continental US.

3. Your Sign Is Priced Fairly

People get scared away from LED signs because they seem so darn expensive. In fact, those people are right—some companies do charge a small fortune for their displays. And some people pony up for those ridiculous prices.

So how much should one of these signs cost?

Well, that depends on how big of a sign you need, what shape, etc. But one thing for certain is…whatever price you’re quoted, MEGA will match it.

It doesn’t get more fair than that.

4. Your Sign’s Design Is Fully Customizable

Have an amazing concept for your sign floating around in your head, but just can’t quite seem to bring it to life?

Or, do you know exactly what your sign should look like, but you’re considering tweaking and experimenting after you get it up and running?

With many LED companies, you’re going to be out of luck.

The best LED sign manufacturers don’t just make the parts—they work with you and your design until your sign is perfect.

Oh, and if you want to change your message later, they’ll do that too. MEGA knows your business’ needs are always changing, which is why we promise to help you perfect your sign’s design for an entire year.

5. Your LED Sign Is Only Made with Quality Parts

Most LED signs are made to industry standards.

But that’s a vague term, isn’t it? What does it even mean?

What it means is that there’s a point during the design and manufacture of your sign where a company says:

“This is good enough. We’ll stop here.”

But I think your business goals are probably a little more ambitious than just breaking even or being “good enough.”

MEGA’s signs are held to a higher standard than the industry standard—your standards.

Whether that’s our ultra-wide viewing angles, high contrast modules or all-aluminum cabinets…we make the best LEDs in the industry, period.

6. Your Sign Is Built with You In Mind

“You can have any color you want, as long as that color is black.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that quote before. Fact is, tons of companies today still live and die by this strange idea that customers can take a hike if they want freedom of choice.

When it comes to LED signs, that mindset is represented by what can only be called cookie-cutter signs.

One size—probably way too big or too small for your company. One shape—rectangular. Sorry, you wanted a square? Or maybe even a circle? Tough.

That might not be a big deal for you. But if you like to think outside of the rectangle, know that you’re not alone.

MEGA makes LED signs as unique as you and your company. Want a tiny window display for your sub shop? No problem. Need a massive billboard for your law firm? Done.

So next time your shopping for an LED sign, ask yourself:

“Is it made in America from the highest-quality parts? Does it come in a shape and size that’s custom-built to display your company’s message? If something goes wrong, will help be on the way? And, is it going to be easy on the wallet?”

If so, you’ve got yourself a winner.

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