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Dramatically Increase Outreach with LED Signs for Schools and Universities

Dramatically Increase Outreach with LED Signs for Schools and Universities

All schools and universities need rapid, efficient communication to run effectively.

Old-school readerboard signs with changeable letters just aren’t practical anymore. For starters, traditional signboards limit the way you can deliver messages and how quickly you can deliver those messages. They’re also easy prey for vandals. And the real kicker is, well…students and parents usually just don’t read them.

In today’s world where information needs to be delivered faster than ever, readerboards just don’t cut it anymore—especially when compared to modern, efficient, powerful LED displays.

Why LED Signage?

LED message centers solve all of the problems traditionally associated with older signage in a big, big way.

First of all, LED signs are capable of displaying scrolling messages, videos, animations, rich color and other details that just aren’t possible on traditional signs. That adds up for much increased visibility among campus visitors.

But besides being visually appealing and making people want to read their content, LED signs are simply more visible than old-fashioned signage. Outdoor LED signs are readable over much greater distances, and their brightness allows them to be seen through light smoke—keeping your campus and your community up-to-date in even the worst-case scenario.

Uses for School LED Signs

School LED signs are incredibly flexible and powerful, enabling you to promote nearly unlimited types of messages whenever you want with software that allows rapid changes and customizations.

With a school LED sign, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase campus safety
  • Improve faculty and student morale
  • Increase awareness for school events
  • Keep teachers, students and parents up-to-date
  • Broadcast crucial safety alerts, emergency instructions and inclement weather warnings
  • Announce cancellations and class schedule changes
  • Welcome new visitors to your campus
  • Advertise fundraising events or school fairs
  • Raise awareness for sporting events, student achievements and student activities
  • Create a more connected, cohesive school community

The real power of LED signs is your ability to alter messaging on the fly, rapidly switching to more relevant messaging without waiting for inclement weather to pass, or for those lost vowels from last week to turn up.

Are School LED Signs Worth It?

This question comes up a lot, and the answer isn’t that complicated. Many organizations and businesses balk at the upfront cost associated with LED signs, forgetting just how much advertising can cost through television, print or radio.

But what so many schools overlook is that LED messageboards are one of the only forms of advertisement that are actually considered an asset.

Electronic marquee signs for schools—unlike a TV commercial or a newspaper ad—belongs to your school. And with hefty warranties and long lifespans, LED signs quickly generate a big return on your investment that keeps on giving, year after year after year, long after that traditional sign has faded and lost all of its advertising power.

Simply put, an LED sign for school outreach is one of the best and most cost-effective advertising tools available today for both small campuses and sprawling universities, offering unparalleled flexibility and reach that more traditional forms of signage just can’t touch.

So yes, LED signs are absolutely worth the initial costs—just ask the many schools across the country who have already adopted LED signage and are loving life.

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