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Do You Make These Extremely Common Mistakes with Your Restaurant LED Sign?

Do You Make These Extremely Common Mistakes with Your Restaurant LED Sign?

Despite their market dominance, many large chains  misuse their LED signs. By contrast, small businesses, with little margin for error, often make the most of their digital signs.

Here, we’ll discuss how large restaurant chains have used LED signs in the past, and how you can learn from their mistakes to get more out of your digital signs.

Restaurant Chains And LED Displays

In the early days of LED displays, a few large chains invested a significant amount of money in digital signs, with the hope of adopting them nationwide.

However, these early experiments did not go well. The chains did not know how to use the signs, trying to use them as a substitute for traditional signs.

By not understanding how to make the most of digital signs, they didn’t get much of a return on advertising, and many of these chains reverted to old school signs as their digital ones wore out.

Some other chains were more successful at integrating LED signs into their menus. But many still failed to incorporate LED displays into their drive-thrus, missing out on one of the best opportunities to upgrade their menus.

Small Restaurants Know How To Use LED Signs

Although it may seem surprising, small restaurants have proven more effective at taking advantage of LED signs.

Part of the reason is that they have little room for error. Surviving as a restaurant is difficult, and any misstep can cost you your business. Small restaurants have to be smart in how they advertise if they want to survive.

Another reason small businesses often do more with their LED signs is that they don’t have multiple departments competing with one another.

At large restaurant chains, marketing may come up with great new content, only for the division in charge of purchasing to try to save money by getting low quality digital signs.

With small restaurants, most decisions are taken by the same group of people, so it’s much easier to ensure that good content isn’t ruined by low quality hardware.

Use LED Signs In A Way That Highlights Their Strengths

Large restaurant chains often failed with LED signs because they tried to use them like old school boards. But LED signs are not just a modern upgrade to traditional signs. They’re a new medium with their own unique strengths.

You should also take full advantage of their versatility. For example, if you offer multiple menus, get an LED sign that makes it easy to switch the display and show new content throughout the day.

Find The Right Sign

At MEGA, we offer customized digital sign solutions for your restaurant. Whether a single location business or a large chain, we can design an LED sign that helps you draw in and keep customers.

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