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Digital Signs for Travel and Tourism: What You Need to Know

Digital Signs for Travel and Tourism: What You Need to Know

Digital signs have long been one of the most important tools for retail businesses. They are an affordable way of advertising and communicating with potential customers, and can be customized to display just about any message.

Travel and tourism businesses are also learning how effective digital signs can be. The right digital sign is a great way of providing information for travelers, and can be used in a wider variety of contexts. Here are some ways that you can use a digital LED sign to get your travel or tourism business to go the extra mile.

Help Tourists Find Their Way Around

One of the best uses of LED signs is to guide tourists. You can use a digital sign to point them in the right direction, as well as to suggest new areas that they can explore. And, since you can always customize your LED sign, you can direct tourists to new areas as the seasons change.

Give Them The Information They Need

Landing in a new area can often be confusing for tourists. Help them out by providing useful information on an LED sign. This could be anything from the weather to local events, as well as information on public transport.

Help Out The Locals

Tourists often overlook many local businesses in favor of chains. Help the tourists out, and the locals, by pointing them to great restaurants and shops that they can find nearby.

Who Can Benefit From A Digital Sign


  • You can give travelers updates on flights and changes in schedules
  • Updates on security and emergencies
  • Info on construction and closures
  • Maps to all of the different parts of the airport
  • Highlight retail destinations

Trains and Subways

  • Give travelers information on arrivals and departures
  • Updates on delays and changes in train schedules
  • Map of the station
  • Suggest possible routes

Travel Agencies

  • Promote special deals and limited time offers
  • List current airfare and changes in prices
  • Direct customers to the appropriate department

Hotels and Resorts

  • Help guide tourists to the correct check in point
  • Information on local events
  • Rates and special offers
  • Maps of the hotel and surrounding areas

A Dynamic Boost To Any Business

LED digital signs are one of the most versatile tools for just about any business. And there’s always a new way to use them. Expand upon the advice given here to tailor your digital sign to your business’s needs. And at MEGA, you’ll be able to find the perfect digital sign, customized for the specific needs of your business.

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