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Digital Signs Bring People Together. Here’s Why That’s Great News for Your Business.

Digital Signs Bring People Together. Here’s Why That’s Great News for Your Business.

Advertising is a fast-paced world. In order to stay on top of the game, a business has to stay relevant, and that means using the most recent technologies available to their advantage.

Today, in a largely digitized world where information can be shared instantly, the best way to advertise your business is by sending a bright, attention-grabbing and modernized message. Digital signs are a great way to bring your business closer to your customers, and stay a step ahead of the competition.

This post will go through the history of using signs as a form of communication, how signs have evolved and why they are as relevant as ever now.

The beginning of signage

Signs have been used to send a message for centuries. As advertising began to change and evolve, so did signs – advertisers over the decades have learned how to use lights, words and even colors to more effectively connect to their audience.

Neon lighting and motion were some of the early steps into modernizing signs and making them more eye-grabbing. Today, LED digitization is the next step.

How things have changed

Not too long ago, LED signs were not even a remote possibility. When LED technology was developed, it was first used to improve televisions and computers. Before the advent of LED, digital signs that displayed a message did so with old fashioned neon or flashing bulbs.

As LED became more and more common, people began to incorporate it into their advertising, and that started to change the game. Now, instead of a sign displaying a single, static message or words in flashing lights, it could involve a full animation or high-resolution imagery.

Today, we use LED in everything – our TVs, laptops, smart phones, even touch screen controls on our fridges. It only makes sense that it has made its way into the business world, too.

Moving into the cloud

What’s the next move for signage, now that LED is becoming the norm? Well, like with all other digital technology, LED signs are getting smarter and smarter. These days, the most cutting edge advertisers are connecting their signs to the internet or cloud technology, for easier, more efficient use.

With internet connectivity, your LED sign can display practically anything you need it to. You can quickly upload new animations, signs and video advertisements without having to use any manual controls – it’s like a giant, easily-controlled smartphone or TV at your fingertips.

How LED signs can save lives

Let’s move away from talking about advertising and promoting your business for a minute. One of the greatest things about modern LED signage is that it can display important messages in the case of an emergency.

With LED signs connected to the cloud, businesses have the ability to get a crucial message out – say, for example, a natural disaster occurs, and people need help finding the right evacuation route. Or if someone goes missing, and their family would like to display their picture. There are countless ways LED screens can benefit the community and even help to save lives. The more connected we all our, the more we can come together to help each other out.

Bringing the community together

LED signs don’t just benefit our businesses and help out in the case of an emergency – they also help us all come closer together. LED displays in a community can get the word out about local events, address certain local issues, provide news and weather updates, etc. It is simply a method of widespread communication.

On top of that, LED signs are an inclusive way of sharing information. They are easy to read and can be placed somewhere anyone can see them. If there is important information that needs to get out to a community, an LED sign is a safe way to do it without risking anyone being left out because of a lack of accessibility.

LED signs are more than advertising platforms

The advertising world has come a long, long way. From paper signs to billboards to neon lights, and now to LED screens and video walls, signs are always on the forefront of recent technology. These days, digital signs are about more than just advertising a business. They can bring people together and help to save lives in an emergency situation. An LED display with internet connectivity has countless uses – it’s a great way to not only bring people into your business, but to bring them closer to each other.

Curious to learn more about LED signs, how they can help your business, and what kinds of products are out there? Check out MEGA LED Technology to learn more. LED technology is only getting more and more mainstream – now is the perfect time to take advantage of it, and invest in a screen or display for your business.



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