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Digital Signage: The Secret Weapon for Branding Your Business

Digital Signage: The Secret Weapon for Branding Your Business

How do you feel when you think about your favorite Disney movie? How about your favorite restaurant? What memories do you associate with drinking Coca Cola?

The best brands in the world create a sense of nostalgia, friendliness of familiarity by creating a branded environment. A branded environment is what makes a brand more than just a business, but a name that means something. And it isn’t just the big brands – you can create a branded environment for your small business, too.

This post is about using an LED digital sign to build a branded environment for your business, and how it will help you to grow.

What is a branded environment?

In case you haven’t heard the term before, a branded environment refers to the general feelings or emotions that a brand creates. Using icons and specific imagery, businesses can connect their brand with a certain kind of environment. To get a better idea of successful branded environments and how they work, you can look at some examples of companies that are using branding environments.

The elements of a branded environment

What goes into a branded environment? Generally, it involves building on your business’s core values and using certain images, colors, music, etc. to reflect those values. This can be done outside of your business, in advertising and on your website, or on-site. Even the way you choose to decorate the interior of your business can help to build the branded environment.

The kind of environment you want to create depends on what your business does – a bar, for example, will want to build a fun, hip and energetic environment. A family restaurant will want to create a positive, family-friendly environment.

A branded environment is all about speaking to your customer base in a way they will truly connect to. Take into account your location and what matters most to your customers.

Why branded environments are important

These days, with social media and the internet, the average consumer is exposed to tons of advertisements daily. It has gotten to the point that a lot of people are fed up with ads and suspicious of brands that try too hard to advertise to them.

That’s why it is important to create an emotional or familiar connection with your brand, to reach your costumers more personally. People are more likely to trust your business if they associate it with a positive environment.

Using digital signage to build your branded environment

Digital signs are one of the most effective modern ways to educate your customers, send a message about your business and send a message about your brand. You can use them to help build a branded environment around your business.

A digital sign can be used on-site at your business location, or in another place where it will reach your customer base and grab their attention. One of the best things about digital displays, as opposed to more traditional advertising, is that they can use animation and shifting imagery to paint a fuller picture. For example, where a traditional billboard might just have a single image, logo and slogan, a digital sign can utilize multiple images and a shifting message. Fitting more into one advertisement means more effective advertising. It also means more opportunities to display your business’s values, contributing to a branded environment.

You can use digital signage to boost your branded environment in the same way you would use other kinds of advertising. Incorporate the same colors, words and imagery into your digital sign as you do on your website or in your business’s interior. If your branded environment is effective, your consumers will begin to associate that imagery with the feelings they get from your brand.

Branded environments…should you care?

These days, branded environments are more important to a successful business than ever. They help a brand to connect more personally with their customer base in a largely impersonal, digitalized world.

It may seem silly to use a digital sign to connect more personally with your customers, but it really can be effective. Digital signage conveys much more than older, more traditional forms of advertising can. You can use LED signs, both outdoor and indoor, to promote the positive values of your business and begin building a successful branded environment.

Curious to learn more about digital signs and how they can help your business? Check out MEGA LED Technology for more information. Remember, digital signage is the future of advertising – now is the time to make the most of it.

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