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Digital Signage Software 101

Digital Signage Software 101

Let’s dive right in—an LED sign needs software to function properly. Great hardware is a step in the right direction, but it needs excellent software too. If you don’t believe me, try uninstalling every single app on your phone.

Problem is, some companies make their software so technical that only people with a PhD can understand it. And sometimes LED software just doesn’t work.

And software is pretty darn important. Well-made LED software means the difference between smooth sailing and tearing out your hair in frustration.

Here’s why our software falls into the first camp, and why it’s going to make your advertising life a thousand times easier.

Total Control

How inconvenient would digital signs be if you had to make manual adjustments in person every time you changed your message?

Right—they’d just be normal signs.

Our software makes it insanely simple to display new content from just about anywhere over the Internet. It also lets you set up in-depth scheduling between specific times, days, and even regions across your entire fleet of LEDs.

On top of that, content uploaded to one of your signs can painlessly be uploaded to any of your other signs on NovaCloud’s network.

Constant Monitoring

What happens if you’re out of town and a hurricane blows away your billboard?

Well, you’re in for a rough surprise when you come back from vacation, and possibly lost days of revenue from new sales.

NovaCloud acts as your sign’s 24/7 on-call doctor. Any and all metrics relevant to the functioning of your sign is available at your fingertips, ranging from the sign’s system diagnostics (temperature, voltage, whether the cabinet door is locked), computer status (RAM and CPU usage, disk space), and our Snapshot Monitor, which ensures your sign is displaying exactly the right content.

Remote Adjustments

Some LED software is about as bare bones as it gets—you can upload and schedule new messages, but that’s about it.

We wanted to really give you total control over your signs from wherever you may roam, which is why NovaCloud does so much more than simply schedule content.

Your terminal computer is the central command station for your LED sign, but you shouldn’t have to chain yourself to a desk to make sure nothing goes wrong. NovaCloud lets you make adjustments to even the smallest details—because advertising is all about the little things.

  • Want to adjust your sign’s volume and brightness from home? Sure.
  • Upload or download your playlog? OK.
  • Need to restart your terminal in a pinch? No problem.

Just think of all those bright ideas you can implement instantly, and all those emergencies you won’t have.

Rich Multimedia Support

LED signs are so much more than words—or rather, they can be with the right software in place.

NovaCloud is “the right software.”

Video, audio, flash, Microsoft Office documents, weather forecasts, countdowns, streaming media, websites…you get it. The possibilities are just about endless.

Of course, these formats are useless if the LED software used to implement them is confusing or unreliable.

Why is my weather display in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? Why does my video keep skipping? Why is everything so difficult!

AKA, questions you won’t have to ask because you didn’t pick a shoddy LED manufacturer.

Quadruple-Layered Security

LED security means much more than physical safety.

Are you worried about hackers hijacking your sign with unsavory messaging? That might be a problem with bargain bin LEDs, but not us.

We take your security and privacy very, very seriously. That’s why our LED software has 4 levels of checkpoints, ensuring data reliability and consistency.

From the management center to NovaCloud to site to display, your data is locked down tighter than Fort Knox using file fingerprints, HTTPS/FTL/SSL encryption, terminal registration and lockdown, and DVI encryption.

If you don’t care about the technical details, here’s all you need to know—your data is safe, period.

Class Dismissed

Our biggest goal in developing our sign software is making it incredibly easy for you to get started advertising right away. We know you could have the best, most expensive tool available, but that tool is useless without a clear, user-friendly operating manual.

NovaCloud is that manual. When you’re considering which LED sign is a perfect fit for your business, be sure to keep in mind that a sign’s potential success doesn’t just depend on its hardware specs—if you can’t use it effectively, you’re wasting money.

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