12 Apr

Digital Billboards Vs Static Signs

Digital Billboards Vs Static Signs

Signs have existed for as long as humans have been selling and trading with each other, but that means your standard highway billboard is in desperate need of a shakeup.

Static billboards are so commonplace that potential customers are totally tuning out your message faster than ever before. Your sign is getting lost in a veritable sea of competing ads, but what can you do?

If you’re ready to upgrade your billboard and reach more customers than you ever thought possible, it’s time to make the jump to LED. Static billboards just don’t stack up, and here’s why.


The first thing to wear out on your billboard won’t be the billboard itself, but rather your billboard’s content.

Keeping your messaging fresh is the best way to keep your sign from becoming background noise, and digital billboards make changing your content a breeze. With your sign’s software, you can change your content from just about anywhere—a far cry from the ordeal of swapping out your old billboard’s messaging.


Digital billboards are now available in ultra HD resolutions with video and app capabilities, creating a real visual experience for potential customers they won’t soon forget.

Digital billboards offer greater influence, wider reach, and more effective communication…period.


Although it might cost more to buy a digital billboard than a traditional sign, the potential return on your investment is also a lot higher.

Many businesses have reported earning back the costs associated with their LED sign after less than a year of use, after which your sign becomes a net gain for your business (for years to come).


LED signs are designed to resist rust, heat and water damage, and can last more than a decade with proper maintenance.


Powered by Cloud-based software, modern LED billboards allow you to make adjustments, schedule new content and monitor your sign remotely, meaning it’s now easier than ever to keep potential customers informed.


The best LED sign companies will give you rapid service to keep your investment running around the clock, with MEGA providing parts and service within just a couple days—compared with the frequent maintenance needed by static signs.

A Clear Winner

LED billboards are not a novelty—they’re a necessity. Your potential return on investment after purchasing a digital billboard is simply so high that you shouldn’t ignore the benefits of LED for your business any longer.

When it comes to growing your business, there’s no better use of your advertising dollars than LED.

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