Church LED Signs

Are you in-charge or growing your church's congregation? Nothing works better than an LED sign. Make your church stand out, get noticed, and be seen with MEGA LED technology.

Spread The Word, 24/7/365

Would you be surprised to know that LED signs are the most cost-effective form of "advertisement" when it comes to reaching past, present and future members of your congregation?

It's true. Here are just a few benefits of digital signage:

  • For new visitors to organizations with a freshly installed LED sign, most agree that the sign was their primary reason for stopping by;
  • LED signs can be easily reprogrammed (don't worry, we'll handle it) to display anything from passages to seasonal greetings to dates for fundraising events-the possibilities are endless;
  • Standard reader-board signs are often overlooked, but LED signs stand out by using color and motion to reach far and wide.

When it comes to results, LED signs are the best choice for churches looking to improve or expand their community outreach.

Are You Reaching As Many People As Possible?

You don't have to leave your church's message up to chance. An LED sign is an investment in the future. And by trusting a company with a proven track record, you'll sleep soundly knowing MEGA is just a phone call away for any questions or problems.


Mega LED is one of the leading manufacturers of programmable church LED signs. Since our quiet start in 2006, MEGA has expanded rapidly without sacrificing our core values: delivering top-quality products, keeping our prices ultra-competitive, and guaranteeing amazing customer service.

Our R&D department is constantly innovating to create better, more reliable church LED technology. Our sales team is always ready to help you make the best decision rather than the most expensive decision. And our support team is here to deliver unrivaled service for the whole life of your product. Whether your needs are small or large, MEGA is here to help.

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Church LED Signs

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MEGA LED Church Signs

Churches across the country choose MEGA LED to spread their message.

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Alpha is all about CHOICES

Alpha might be affordable, but it’s sure not light on features. Here’s why Alpha is the perfect sign for YOUR business.

Choose Your Powder Coat Color

Alpha’s powder colored exterior is eye-catching, built to withstand the elements, and—best of all—YOU get to pick its color. From reds to blues, pastels to neutrals, and everything in between, Alpha gives you the power to choose the perfect color for your business or organization.

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Choose Your Pedestal Size

Every organization and every location is totally different, and choosing the right LED sign means finding the right size and height to reach the most people possible and deliver your message efficiently and quickly. Alpha lets you choose between 5 different pedestal heights or a lower, wider monument-style base to fit any location.

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Choose Your LED Sign

Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to choose between tri-color and full-color displays, various pixel pitches to target your audience with perfect clarity, and input via remote or PC access to upload and change messaging just about anywhere. Alpha is the outdoor LED sign designed by you and built for you.

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