12 Feb

Church LED Signs Vs Static Signs

Church LED Signs Vs Static Signs

Signs have probably existed for just as long as people have—but that means the traditional way of displaying information to others is long overdue for a shakeup.

Static signs are so commonplace that they quickly become background noise. Every single business and organization uses signs, and that sea of information can be hard to digest for viewers.

If you’re really interested in expanding your community and reaching more people with your messaging, there’s a better way than those traditional signboards—LED signs.


Static church signs themselves where out, and will need to be replaced eventually. But more than that, your sign’s messaging will also wear out.

Therein lies one of the biggest differences between LED and static signs—the ease of changing its content.

LED sign content can be changed anywhere, anytime. Static signs? You’ll need to physically go outside and interact with the sign. The winner is clear.


With LED signs now sporting super high definition graphics and video, they’re much more effective than standard text-based signs at giving your messaging a little extra oomph.

That means wider reach, greater influence, and more effective communication with your flock.


Although a church LED sign is clearly more expensive than a static sign up front, the potential return on your investment is also MUCH higher for LED signs.

Many businesses report earning back the cost of their sign after just a year of use—after that, your sign becomes a true boon for your congregation.


Think electronic components couldn’t possibly outlast a static sign? The truth is that LED signs are resistant to water, rust and heat, and can last over a decade with minimal maintenance.


LED signs create a real experience for your viewers, treating them to messaging that’s at once relevant, exciting and constantly updated—unlike static signs, which become background noise within weeks.


LED signs like MEGA’s are powered by cutting edge cloud-based software, letting you edit and upload new messages on the fly, delivering news and keeping your community updated as soon as humanly possible.


Great LED sign companies will provide you with top-notch customer service, getting you parts and performing repairs in a matter of days—unlike static signs, which need frequent maintenance to stay in top shape.

A Clear Winner

LED signs are no longer a novelty for savvy churches or business owners—they’re a necessity. The potential return on investment with LED is just so high that LED signs totally eclipse and outclass static signs.

When it comes to growing your congregation, there’s no better signage choice than LED.

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