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Choosing the Best LED Sign for Your School

Choosing the Best LED Sign for Your School

Many of our customers are surprised to learn there isn’t just one type of LED message board. But despite the choices we have available, choosing the perfect LED sign for your school really couldn’t be easier! First, we just need to answer a few questions:

  • Will your school LED sign be inside or outside?
  • How far will your sign be from its viewers?
  • How fast will viewers be moving when they see your school sign?
  • What sort of content will you display on your school LED sign?
  • What’s your total budget?

While some institutions might think that bigger, bolder and clearer are always the best choice, picking the most expensive option isn’t always best for your school.

Let’s shed some light on the process of picking the best school LED sign, and clear up any confusion you might have.

Indoor School Signs Vs. Outdoor School Signs

School signs work well both indoors and outdoors, with the outdoor variety typically replacing traditional signage such as old readerboards. The first step in choosing your school LED signs is deciding whether you want to set it up inside or outside.

Outdoor LED signs are meant to deliver content to visitors who might not have decided to visit your campus, while indoor school LEDs speak to a very specific group of students, parents, teachers or other visitors who have already entered your premises for a specific purpose. Therefore, they should be used to deliver different messaging and content.

On one hand, outdoor school signs are perfect for withstanding the elements. And on the other hand, indoor school signs often have better resolution and can be much smaller. Knowing your location is the most important step to picking your sign!

School Signage Viewing Distance

Viewing distance is extremely important, and represents the distance between your sign and its audience.

Just like you wouldn’t put a massive TV in your bathroom, you wouldn’t want to blast visitors to your lobby with a gigantic LED sign!

The opposite also holds true—you shouldn’t display a tiny LED sign outside when it’s meant to target drivers hundreds of feet away on the road because no one will be able to see it!

Traffic Type

The type of traffic viewing your school sign refers to how people are passing it, usually by walking or driving.

It’s impossible for our eyes to distinguish ultra-crisp HD LED signs while we’re zooming down the highway, so if your school’s sign is meant to target such drivers, it’s a waste of money to go for a top-of-the-line display.

However, we can tell the difference between high and low definition signs up close, which is why using a low-resolution school sign in a hallway or next to a slow city street can create an eyesore for your viewers.

Content Type

LED signs for schools can display different types of content, with high resolution signs able to handle powerful, animated content like videos far better than low-res school signs.

However, if you only need static or scrolling text—something a bit more basic—there are still great options that won’t break the bank.

School Sign Budget

While it’s true that many schools and universities would benefit from installing the best sign on the market, your institution might not!

In some cases, our more affordable options are all you need to get attention and help get your school’s message out to a bigger audience than ever before. Remember, school signs are powerful messaging tools, no matter the cost!

Putting It All Together

An urban school on a slow-moving city street needs a much different sign than a rural school set far back from fast-paced highway. But the good news is that with a huge number of choices, LED signs can be custom-made to target just about any audience—from foot traffic on your mall to vehicles entering your parking lot.

Whatever your needs, odds are pretty good that MEGA manufactures the perfect choice for you and your school. Get in touch with us right away to find out how our school and university signs can help extend your reach far wider than ever before.

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