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Choosing the Best LED Sign for Your Restaurant

Choosing the Best LED Sign for Your Restaurant

Finding the perfect LED sign for your restaurant might seem tough at first, but it’s really not as complicated as you think. To get started, we just need to go over the basics, like:

  • Whether your sign will be outside or inside
  • How far the sign will be from your viewers
  • How quickly viewers will be moving past the sign
  • The type of content you intend to display
  • Your budget

By answering these simple questions, you’ll be ready to get started with LED. So, let us shed a little light on how to pick the best restaurant LED, starting with…

Indoor Restaurant Signs Vs. Outdoor Restaurant Signs

Restaurant signs can be used both outside and inside, with outdoor signs being a great replacement for old-school readerboard signs. Deciding whether you need an indoor or outdoor LED is the first step in choosing your restaurant sign.

Outdoor restaurant LEDs are designed to show content to people might not have made a decision to visit your business yet, while indoor restaurant LEDs are meant to target the people who’ve already made a time investment to enter your restaurant.

Each type of sign is better suited to deliver content to specific groups of people based on their location. Outdoor restaurant signs are better able to withstand inclement weather and extremes in temperature, while indoor restaurant signs often boast a higher resolution and smaller size that’s perfect for close viewing distance.

Restaurant Signage Viewing Distance

Viewing distance is also important, and depends somewhat on whether the sign is indoors or outdoors.

You wouldn’t install a 72-inch TV in your kitchen, and you probably wouldn’t want to place a huge LED sign inside your restaurant, either.

Of course, the opposite is also true—you’re not going to use a crisp, 3-foot wide LED sign to attract drivers hundreds of feet away on the interstate!

Traffic Type

Traffic type means how people pass by your sign, which is usually either driving or walking.

The human eye simply can’t distinguish between HD signs from far away, and we have trouble making out all that fine detail when we’re moving quickly, too. As you can probably imagine, that makes cheaper, lower-definition signs just as effective at advertising over long distances or beside roadways as higher-definition options.

But on the flip-side, we definitely CAN notice a difference in quality when we’re up close or moving slowly. And that difference can be jarring if you use the wrong sign in the wrong place.

Content Type

What do you plan on displaying with your restaurant sign? Videos? Or maybe just scrolling text? Your content goals have a huge impact on the type of sign you should choose.

Higher-definition models are better for displaying powerful content like videos, while basic signs are all you need for scrolling or static text.

Restaurant Sign Budget

Not every restaurant needs the biggest, nicest LED sign to see success. A simple window display or basic outdoor sign might be all you require to turn heads, so there’s no point in breaking the bank if you don’t need to.

Putting It All Together

An urban pizzeria on a walking street requires a very different LED sign than a diner situated several hundred feet from the interstate.

Luckily, restaurant LED signs can be custom-built for nearly any business trying to target any audience—whether that’s foot traffic or road traffic.

And wherever you are and whatever you sell, odds are good that you’ll see a nice, juicy return on your investment when you choose LED.

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