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15 Nov

Show Those Horns with LED Signs! \m/

The Doors live at the Dinner Key Auditorium… The Rolling Stones live at Altamont Speedway… Creedence Clearwater Revival live at the Royal Albert Hall… Madonna live at the Wembley Stadium… Michael Jackson live at the Madison Square Garden… Legendary as they are, these musicians are but a single component in the entire concert experience. With […]

13 Nov

Retail Store Owners, Listen!

If you are reading this, you most probably are, well, a retail store owner. That can’t be bad. To avoid turning the tide, go read further. So you finally decided to strengthen your marketing campaign and purchased a LED sign to help boost your business. Great decision there. But as much as you give importance […]

08 Nov

The Importance of Safety Signs

Not since the promotional billboards for the movie Battlefield Earth had signs been non-effective. You see, there is such a thing as safety signs and they are actually a requirement by the law to keep people out of trouble. It is an absolute necessity for organizations to provide safety signs wherever needed to warn people […]

06 Nov

Text or Graphics: Which is More Important for LED Signs?

The use of graphics in LED displays for commercial use is fast gaining popularity, and why not; they have proven that they provide the fastest return of investment for most businesses. Or have they? You wanna talk about digital displays that are visually enticing, LED signs that enable graphics or videos are the way to […]

31 Oct

How to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Grocery Store

If you are a small grocery store owner, chances are you are having a tough time competing with your larger, much richer counterparts. Well, you don’t have to. You have your own niche, and what you need is to work on keeping your loyal customers to attract new ones. Gaining customer loyalty shouldn’t be a […]

31 Oct

The Truth About LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are slowly becoming the bulb of choice not just in businesses but also in households. They are slowly replacing incandescent bulbs, and only for good reasons. There is a huge disparity in life expectancy between traditional light bulbs and LED light bulbs. Depending on the energy level used, a LED bulb can […]

25 Oct

Why Some Businesses Fail Despite Using LED

The strategy of using a LED sign displays to generate customers for your business doesn’t end with putting one up in a place where people will easily notice it. Making use of digital display signs makes you a wise marketer. But only when you give much importance to what is written there, can you be […]

18 Oct

Uses of LED Signage in Transportation

Although still relatively young, the digital sign industry has experienced quite a boom over the last five years. The government, as well as the private sector, has seen the importance and convenience of a simple LED sign. Today, LED display signs are being used as commercial boards and community boards. But there is one industry […]

16 Oct

Attract People to Your Product Launch with LED

A product launch is the culmination of the entire product development process. Those months or years of careful planning and preparation – this is what it all comes down to. Especially for a start-up company which does not have the financial resources of the bigger companies, things may be a little harder. But not if […]

11 Oct

Promote Fights With LED!

Really, they should be credited a huge bit for the success of the world’s biggest and richest boxing pay-per-views, even professional wrestling events, and more recently, mixed martial arts fights. From legendary sporting venues like the Madison Square Garden, to the smaller promotions all over the country, thousands, perhaps millions of fight fans, have been […]

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