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03 Jan

LED Lighting and its Effects on the Environment

We’ve gone through the financial, health, and cosmetic benefits of LED lighting. To anyone who has the slightest care for the environment, here is another set of benefits to make that easy switch to digital signage. By now it should be clear that a well-placed LED sign offers benefits beyond monetary rewards. Below are some […]

20 Dec

LED Lights have Health Benefits, Too!

LED technology has helped businesses achieve desired profit at the least possible time. But the rewards don’t end there as LED lights have been proven to offer health benefits as well. You heard it right. Because LED tubes are made out of a different kind of plastic, they don’t have mercury in them so they […]

18 Dec

The Role of LED Signage Inside the Office (part 2)

In the previous blog post, we tackled employee evaluation and its role in business management. In that post we listed the factors that cause inefficiency of employees and proved how unlikely things such as a LED sign can help manage them. As promised, here are the ways to handle the situations we listed: On job […]

13 Dec

The Role of LED Signage Inside the Office (part 1)

Employee productivity is essential to the progress of a business. This is why employee evaluation is a key function in business management. When a decline in employee productivity is perceived, nothing less than immediate action is needed. In laying out your plan to boost the output of employees, you’ll see how unlikely things such as […]

11 Dec

Ways to Augment Retail Store Profit

Due to things both under and beyond the owner’s control, at some point, retail stores may experience a slump in sales. And for businesses that are actually doing well, there is always room for improvement. It is a given that you, the storeowner, should have a thorough understanding of the business and industry you are […]

06 Dec

How Hospitals Benefit from LED Signs

The healthcare industry is another industry that greatly benefits from LED technology. While still not that popular of a practice, more and more hospitals are employing LED signage for their everyday operation. Some hospitals readily dismiss the use of digital signage due to lack of information. One cannot easily blame doctors and the administration as […]

29 Nov

Don’t Just Go for an Event, Go for a Spectacle

As an event organizer, you should be able to give spectators a total fan experience. Your aim is to leave them oh so satisfied and wanting a repeat. Well, if digital signage works for concerts, it should do well to a sporting event. Listed below are just three of the many sports (or group of […]

27 Nov

LED Signs in Film Festivals

LED lights are used in cinemas to mark the steps, guiding moviegoers to their seats. They are also used to point out different signage. LED signs aren’t exactly a common sight in movie houses but only time will tell when cinema owners will begin to realize their importance especially in the promotion of films. They […]

22 Nov

What LED Screens Have Over Projector Screens

The answer to this question lies in what LED technology has over Digital Light Processing. Depending on how they are used, both are effective. But as far as visual presentations go, an LED sign, has, without question, a lot over a DLT screen. Up to now there are still establishments that use projector screens in […]

20 Nov

Installing LED Signs for a Safer Community

As streets become less and less safe for American families, the authorities are doing everything in their power to try to overturn the situation. In tracking down criminals, for example, they have already employed the use of digital signage. Security is one of the prime benefits of outdoor signs, and they are widely used by […]

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