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21 Feb

LED Sign: A Must Have Tool in Schools and Universities

In a young and vibrant environment, anything old and traditional is often found boring and uninteresting. But when you have to deliver news or announcements inside a campus, getting your message across in a timely manner can mean the safety and security of the students. As someone who has the authority in a high school […]

31 Jan

Low Capital Businesses for the Entrepreneur (part 2)

To say that entrepreneurs are a noble bunch is an understatement, and this we made clear in one of the past articles. Still looking for businesses that you can start on a low capital? Read on. Pets/kids products Forgive us for putting kids and pets in the same bracket, but really, you can start a […]

29 Jan

The Disadvantages of a Joint Business Venture

Two heads (or more) are better than one. Or not. In one of the previous blogs we tackled the advantages of engaging in a joint business venture. As promised, here are some of the reasons why you may want to think it over a second time. Prepare for disputes First off, engaging in a partnership […]

24 Jan

LED Signage for a Good Parking System

As car ownership continues to thrive, the increase of cars in major thoroughfares becomes unstoppable. The number of cars continues to swell, but the sizes of roads do not. See the problem? If this increase in car ownership impacts the roads, so does it affect parking lots. Developments (if any) in parking areas hardly cover […]

22 Jan

What Makes a Good Parking System?

While it may generally be true that people will patronize a parking lot as long as it is near their destination, it cannot be this way all the time. The fact remains: location is not the only thing car owners consider when deciding where to park their cars. An overall good parking system is definitely […]

17 Jan

How Digital Signage Inspires Entrepreneurs

Digital signage is nothing new but it has, over the past few years, been able to encourage businessmen to engage in the trade by mere mention of its string of benefits. And why not, LED signs have been a revolution in marketing. An outdoor LED sign truly works wonders for a business establishment, reason for […]

15 Jan

Low Capital Businesses for the Entrepreneur (part 1)

Entrepreneurs are some of the unsung heroes of this generation. They take risks to be able to make lives better. To make for a more productive year, here are a few business ideas for the entrepreneur who may not have sufficient capital but in no shortage of determination, desire, and of course, knowledge. Be sure […]

10 Jan

LED Technology in the Hospitality Industry

The more energy consumed, the higher the potential for energy savings – there goes a little irony. Well if that’s the case, the hospitality industry is one of the sectors that can benefit most from LED technology. There are so many ways electronic signage can help the industry. A full color LED sign outside of […]

08 Jan

The Advantages of a Joint Business Venture

A Joint Venture or a Partnership is a business that is owned and operated by two or more parties. The partners share profit on an acceded basis. They say two (or more) heads are better than one. For this article we will list down the main advantages of engaging in a joint business venture. More resources  […]

06 Jan

The Cosmetic Benefits of LED Technology

In one of the previous articles we listed the health benefits of LED lighting. As promised, here are its cosmetic benefits. For those who aren’t in the know, there is such a thing as LED light therapy and it is known for its anti-aging effects. No surprise there as LED emits lights at very precise […]

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