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03 Dec

Why Are LED Signs Banned In Some Cities?

Great question.

Opponents of LED signs are usually the same people who oppose just about everything else you can think of. Whatever their arguments are (and they have a thousand and one reasons why LED displays are a plague upon humanity), the core, underlying principle is annoyance.

We’ve all had that neighbor before. You know, the one who chases kids away from the end of his driveway for laughing too loud?

LED signs are annoying to some people because they’re new. That’s it. They aren’t the way things should be done, so they’ve got to go.

Let’s play devil’s advocate and pick out a few seemingly plausible arguments against LED signs:

20 Nov

Installing LED Signs for a Safer Community

As streets become less and less safe for American families, the authorities are doing everything in their power to try to overturn the situation. In tracking down criminals, for example, they have already employed the use of digital signage. Security is one of the prime benefits of outdoor signs, and they are widely used by […]

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