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26 Nov

A Mistake-Proof Guide to Installing and Programming Your LED Sign

MEGA Sign Inc’s superior digital signage solutions offer big and small businesses, churches and schools, and non-profit organizations top-notch features and ease of use at an affordable price (with a 5 year warranty and price match guarantee on your LED sign). Our digital signs are simple and easy to install, set up, and program to […]

25 Nov

Want to Boost Sales on a Budget? Give LED Signs a Shot.

It is nigh impossible to run a successful business, big or small, without advertising. If prospects don’t know about you, and past customers aren’t reminded of you, the sales process for your business doesn’t even start. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, how nice your brand is, or how great your customer service […]

25 Nov

Protect Your LED Display From The Elements with Almost ZERO Effort

Whether it’s harsh winter weather like ice and snow storms in freezing cold temperatures, spring downpours, or blazing hot sunlight in the summertime, there are some common sense steps you can take to keep your sign safe from the elements. Your business or non-profit organization’s LED sign display represents a capital investment in your organization […]

25 Nov

Planning Your Outdoor Business Sign Placement? Ask an Expert

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably planning on getting an outdoor business sign sometime in the near future. And if you’ve done any looking around the web to check out your options, you’re likely amazed at the variety of digital business sign products out there. Do you need a simple scrolling LED window […]

07 Nov

The Small Business Association Is Big on LED Signs. Here’s Why You Should Care.

Looking for a form of paid advertising that delivers a nearly 150% return on investment (ROI)? Look no further than LED signs. The U.S. Small Business Association has endorsed programmable digital signage content as the most profitable form of paid advertising in terms of return on investment. In fact the SBA says that digital signs […]

31 Oct

4 High Tech Developments in Digital Signage to Look Out For in 2020

So you’re interested in branding your business or organization with an LED sign. Well you’re probably no technophobe, and may even be considering some high tech alternatives to LED signs, something different that might stand out from the growing number of LED billboards on the street outside your door. There are a few interesting alternatives […]

31 Oct

Interactive Touchscreen Signs: Digital Sign Game Changer?

Next up in the digital signage industry is interactive digital signs enabled by the increasingly accessible cost of deploying touchscreen technology. In retail chains everywhere touchscreen kiosks are ringing up orders for Panera coffee and bagels, or a McDonald’s Big Mac combo and a Happy Meal. It’s only a matter of time before smaller chains […]

18 Sep

Repurpose Your LED Sign Content for Fun and Profit

Content creation is time consuming and expensive, making it hard to constantly generate new and engaging material for your advertisements. Because of this, many businesses try to repurpose their content to keep it fresh. Although you’ll eventually have to develop original content, reusing content is a great way of saving money and increasing your outreach […]

16 Aug

7 Digital Sign Design Hacks for a Massive Bump in ROI

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word, “art”? It could be the works of famous painters, a beautiful sculpture you’ve recently seen, or even the bare beauty of untouched nature. Everything and everyone defines art their own way – so does technology. In these modern times, the […]

09 Aug

Digital Signage: The Secret Weapon for Branding Your Business

How do you feel when you think about your favorite Disney movie? How about your favorite restaurant? What memories do you associate with drinking Coca Cola? The best brands in the world create a sense of nostalgia, friendliness of familiarity by creating a branded environment. A branded environment is what makes a brand more than […]

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