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15 Jan

Ignore LED Content Creation at Your Own Peril

As something becomes more familiar, it fades into the background. The same is true of your LED sign—unless you get serious about content creation. The first time a business installs a new LED sign, rest assured that people take notice. LED signs are impossible to not notice. LED signs are eye-catching. People want to read […]

10 Dec

4 Quick Tips to Win More Customers with Your Sign Today

Sometimes people get caught up in the uniqueness of LED signs, and forget that they’re a tool just like any other marketing medium. Rather than reinventing the wheel, stick to the basics and craft marketing messages that will extend your reach and increase your business’ foot traffic like nobody’s business. 1. Keep it simple. Simply […]

10 Dec

Do You Need A Full Color Sign, Or Is One Color Enough?

Investing in a digital sign is a big step towards improving your business, but you also have to make sure you’re getting the right sign. Choosing the right sign means considering your budget, your needs, and what your sign’s overall purpose will be. During this process, one of the most common questions business owners ask […]

10 Dec

Craft the Perfect Holiday CTA With A Premium Sign

Right about now—and for weeks to come—your prospects are being totally bombarded by a barrage of constant, unrelenting holiday messages. Sales, greetings, winter weather watches, food drives…well, you get the idea. But how do you stand out? Luckily, LED signs are the perfect solution to twinkle just a little bit brighter and catch your customers’ […]

10 Dec

Digital Signs Deliver Incredible ROI—Here’s How

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Wise words to live by, but are they always true when it comes to your marketing strategy? What if you didn’t even know it was broken in the first place? For decades, print, TV and radio ads have dominated the marketing landscape. There was no alternative that could […]

14 Aug

Get the Most Out of Your Sign with Attention-Grabbing Videos and Animations

We’ve seen too many business owners out there with LED signs who aren’t using their new investments to their full ability. LED signs have the power to transform the way people view your company and multiply your ability to gain attention and new visitors, but failure to think outside the box with your new sign […]

14 Aug

Keep Your Customers Entertained While They Wait with Digital Signage

church led signs

Every successful business owner understands the desires and needs of their customers—especially during long wait times. We’ve all been there before, standing in a huge line at the mall during the holidays or sitting through the morning rush at the coffee shop or fast food joint. Waiting might be a necessary evil, but it doesn’t […]

14 Aug

Why Digital Signs Are Essential for Any Business in Travel and Tourism

school led sign

When it comes to boosting your reach and furthering your marketing goals, the benefits of using LED signs are almost too numerous to count. Digital signage has introduced new ways to provide your audiences with relevant and engaging information, and industries as diverse as retail and college universities have started embracing the power of LED […]

14 Aug

Take Your Self-Storage Facility to the Next Level with Digital Signage

Signage is essential for pretty much every type of business. Signs help you get new customers and fill up empty units—and your bank account. And as a self-storage facility owner, you really need a sign that works overtime to bring in as many people as possible. When it comes to being effective and efficient, signs […]

30 Jul

7 Digital Signage Design Tips

The LED digital sign industry is growing at an exponential rate. Companies and organizations are starting to realize the enormous ROI potential a well-designed LED digital sign can bring. Digital signs can do many different things that traditional signage or billboards can’t. User connectivity, life-like displays, and the IoT can combine to create a visually […]

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