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25 Nov

Protect Your LED Display From The Elements with Almost ZERO Effort

Whether it’s harsh winter weather like ice and snow storms in freezing cold temperatures, spring downpours, or blazing hot sunlight in the summertime, there are some common sense steps you can take to keep your sign safe from the elements. Your business or non-profit organization’s LED sign display represents a capital investment in your organization […]

25 Nov

Planning Your Outdoor Business Sign Placement? Ask an Expert

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably planning on getting an outdoor business sign sometime in the near future. And if you’ve done any looking around the web to check out your options, you’re likely amazed at the variety of digital business sign products out there. Do you need a simple scrolling LED window […]

07 Nov

The Small Business Association Is Big on LED Signs. Here’s Why You Should Care.

Looking for a form of paid advertising that delivers a nearly 150% return on investment (ROI)? Look no further than LED signs. The U.S. Small Business Association has endorsed programmable digital signage content as the most profitable form of paid advertising in terms of return on investment. In fact the SBA says that digital signs […]

03 Nov

Two Digital Signage Content Blunders Killing Your ROI

LED signs have been a marketing boon for brick and mortar businesses. Not only are they a more appealing marketing medium, but they bring all the benefits of the digital world to storefront signage. The effectiveness of digital signs is well attested by the research of major business consultants as well as the sheer volume […]

31 Oct

Four Surefire Ways for Retail Stores to Dominate with Digital Signs

Research by management consulting firm Russell Reynolds Associates has found that digital signs garner 72% more attention than online ads. Meanwhile, over 40% of shoppers report that digital displays can change their buying decisions by serving them information relevant to their dominant buying motives at the point of purchase. And a whopping 80% of shoppers […]

31 Oct

How to Develop Digital Sign Content without Breaking the Bank

Just purchasing and installing a digital sign won’t be enough to make your investment worth it. Of course you also need to make sure that the content displayed on the sign is aesthetic and effective. Designing effective digital signage content costs either time or money, although it does deliver an excellent return on investment. Paying […]

18 Sep

10 Costly Mistakes Almost Every Business Makes with LED Signs

Digital signs can be a big boost to your business’s advertising, helping you reach out to more customers and keep them informed. However, like any tool, digital signs will only be effective if you know how to use them. There are a lot of good ways to use your digital sign. But you should also […]

18 Sep

Do You Make These Extremely Common Mistakes with Your Restaurant LED Sign?

Despite their market dominance, many large chains  misuse their LED signs. By contrast, small businesses, with little margin for error, often make the most of their digital signs. Here, we’ll discuss how large restaurant chains have used LED signs in the past, and how you can learn from their mistakes to get more out of […]

18 Sep

A Few Little Tricks to Really Wow Customers with Your Convenience Store LED Sign

Now more than ever, businesses need to stand out to survive. There is a lot competing for a customer’s attention, and you need engaging, targeted messaging if you want to reach them. LED signs can help you draw in customers and keep traffic flowing through your store. They can also be used to advertise limited […]

18 Sep

Repurpose Your LED Sign Content for Fun and Profit

Content creation is time consuming and expensive, making it hard to constantly generate new and engaging material for your advertisements. Because of this, many businesses try to repurpose their content to keep it fresh. Although you’ll eventually have to develop original content, reusing content is a great way of saving money and increasing your outreach […]

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