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Brand-Building 101 with LED Signs

Brand-Building 101 with LED Signs

Branding has been a marketing buzzword for a while now. Still, a lot of companies have the wrong idea about what branding is supposed to accomplish.

Branding does not mean coming up with snazzy logos, witty slogans and eye-popping packaging. Well, it can mean those things. But branding is much, much more than what you can see and hear.

When I say branding, what I’m really talking about is the entire image of your company, from top to bottom, exactly how your customers see you.

If your company was a person, we might call your brand your personality.

Brands—like personalities—can repel or attract people. Brands can be likable, serious, prestigious, clever, boring, or any other trait you can come up with.

And getting customers to fall in love with your brand is the most effective way to achieve business growth. Rather than buying your service or product, they’re buying you.

LED signs are an essential tool for companies looking to grow or maintain their brand image because they have the same appeal as online media like Facebook and Twitter—they’re bright, fun and attractive.

Here’s how to put your LED sign to use creating the best brand possible.

Indoor LED Signs

Indoor LEDs offer high resolution and can be integrated within your store alongside or in place of more traditional marketing tools.

For example, grocery stores may be able to replace paper or cardboard displays with brighter, more visible LEDs to cut down on material costs and see greater sales.

A few key takeaways regarding indoor LEDs:

  • People in your store are usually there for a reason—they range from likely to definite customers, so your in-store displays need to seal the deal. Focus on making their experience a great one and removing all doubts from the buying process.
  • Your indoor signs are up close and personal with your customers so please, please make sure your content doesn’t look amateurish. There’s nothing more ridiculous than a top-of-the-line LED sign wasting space because it’s busy turning off customers with a poorly designed/coded/implemented message.
  • Keep it simple. LED signs are no place for poetic babbling about your company history or your core values. Those things are great to write down somewhere else, but LED signs are first and foremost advertising tools. Always keep ads as simple as possible. Complicated or lengthy messages just make your customers zone out.
  • If it makes sense for your business, indoor LEDs are an awesome place to display more detailed videos or other rich content that doesn’t translate well to bigger outdoor signs. But no matter how intricate your content is, make sure the message remains simple.
  • What’s your reason for using indoor LED signs? LEDs are used to fill in for everything from menus to sale information to product promotions. Identifying exactly what your sign is going to do is key to developing its message, and some types of content are just going to look awkward used for the wrong purpose.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor signs serve a different purpose from indoor signs, and of course they’re also a heck of a lot bigger. That’s because your outdoor displays are sending a much bigger message, one that’s often supplementing or replacing more expensive TV, radio or print ads.

And that message is:

“We’re here, and we want your business.”

Well, hopefully it’s a little better than that. But you get what I mean.

Outdoor signs are meant to get foot traffic in your store (so later your indoor signs have something to do). Here are a few keys to branding with outdoor LED signs:

  • Your content and message need to be bold and visible. Don’t get too fancy or your potential customers might have no idea what your sign says. Use contrasting colors so your font stands out as much as possible, and use a font that lends itself well to the medium—some fonts are incredibly difficult to decipher from the highway.
  • Don’t deviate too much from your active ads and messaging in other media. Your brand needs to be consistent, or customers can never really “know” you. Consistency breeds familiarity, and as long as your message is consistently helpful and knowledgeable, your brand is guaranteed to benefit.
  • Don’t be a nuisance. Of course advertising is always partly about self-interest, but the company who never provides value to customers is never going to build a strong brand. A simple holiday message every now and then goes a long way towards breaking up the stream of advertisements otherwise adorning your LED sign.

Branding Means Providing Value

If successful brands are valuable, it follows that successful branding means providing value.

LED signs by themselves aren’t going to exempt your company from helping customers solve their problems.

They will make it much, much easier for you to distribute your knowledge and reach a wider audience who might be hungry for help.

Of course, no marketing tool is a quick-fix or a band-aid for poor company image. Used correctly, however, LED signs make building an awe-inspiring brand a whole lot easier.

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