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Skyrocket Employee Engagement and Profitability with Signs

The most common considerations for purchasing LED signs are on the customer’s side of things—spreading information, advertising sales, drawing in fresh visitors to your store, etc. But when business owners get tunnel vision and think of their signs as these one-dimensional advertising machines, they’re actually missing out on a ton of opportunities.

Your Employees Aren’t Engaged at Work

According to business statistics in the US:

  • Just 25% of your employees are engaged at work
  • 55% are considered “not engaged”
  • And a hefty 16% are considered actively disengaged

These stats should be alarming for any business owner, especially when you consider that the fastest-growing segment of the workforce—millennials—is the least engaged group examined b this survey.

One of the most striking differences between younger and older workers is the propensity of young workers to change jobs frequently. Among millennials surveyed, roughly 60% claimed to be open to new job opportunities. Willingness to jump ship can be due to a number of factors, including less sense of obligation to current employers and a sense of less responsibility than older employees.

Of course, there are cultural aspects that can’t be ignored, either. This isn’t a knock on all millennials—there are some great young employees here at MEGA—but the latest generation to enter the workforce has generally been raised with an attitude of “follow your dreams at all costs,” where thinking about the future translates to not being present.

There’s simply little reason for millennials to tick around at work that doesn’t make them feel engaged, or that doesn’t align with their future goals. Rather than stick our heads in the sand and wait for the next generation to graduate college, it’s up to us as business owners to engage the current generation—unless we’re happy with a sky-high turnover rate among our employees.

That’s because the same survey asked millennials who are currently engaged at work if they would actively pursue new job opportunities, and 64% of them said no. Making your employees feel like part of something bigger than themselves is key to keeping them onboard and developing talent for years to come.

Replacing a single employee costs almost 150% of the previous employee’s salary. Even worse, dissatisfied workers can spread their attitude among other employees, grinding productivity to a halt.

Satisfied employees work longer, work harder, are less likely to switch jobs, are more creative, are happier, and are more profitable. Simply tossing money at the problem isn’t a viable solution, since just 12% of employees claim they left their last job for better pay.

The root problem, according to the National Business Research Institute, is due to recognition:

  • 69% of disengaged employees say that management doesn’t appreciate their work
  • Nearly half of ALL workers say that they would immediately find another job if another company recognized their contributions

That’s right—up to half of your employees could be willing to put in their two-week notice due to a sense of being unappreciated.

So where do LED signs fit into all this?

LED Signs Boost Employee Engagement

LED signs are one of the most effective tools for communicating with customers, and they also happen to be one of your most powerful tools for reaching employees.

  • LED sign messages can be rotated and repeated easily with our scheduling technology
  • LED signs easily display real-time data and metrics to give your workers a sense of direction and how the company is performing
  • LED signs can streamline certain processes using integrated data feeds, helping employees save time
  • Incorporating gamification into your LED signs is a cinch, keeping employees engaged and having fun without even realizing why

LED signs work wonders for employee engagement in the same way the work wonders for customer acquisition—the potential benefits are simply too powerful and too convincing to ignore.

Ready to Increase Engagement and Make Your Workforce More Profitable?

Yes, that’s a bold claim—but the stats are on our side. Disengaged workers can eat away at your business’ ability to function, grinding work to a halt and forcing you to spend way too much time and money on replacements for employees who leave for greener pastures.

With one investment into LED signs, you’ll have the tools to engage and boost the productivity of your current workforce for years and years to come.

Call us or shoot us an email for more information on how LED signs can revolutionize the way your company works—inside and out. You might be surprised just how talented (and profitable) your current workforce already is.

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