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15 Sep

MEGA Cloud Makes Managing Your LED Sign Easier than Ever


With MEGA Cloud, using your LED sign has never been easier. MEGA Cloud is packed with powerful features that make it super simple to manage just about every aspect of your LED sign. Lets go over some of those key features, and find out why thousands of businesses have chosen MEGA LED to take their […]

15 Sep

See Big Results with an Alpha LED in 10 Simple Steps


Our new Alpha LED sign is an evolution in simplicity, affordability and quality that businesses have been scrambling to take advantage of. Alpha is packed with features and options that make it the perfect outdoor advertising choice for nearly any business and organization, whether your needs are simple or complex. But what isnt complex is […]

11 Sep

6 Signs of a Great Hotel LED Sign


Finding the best LED sign for your hotel is tough, but the rewards are well worth the effort. LED signs can provide incredible ROI and results for your business, but the key is finding the right sign for YOUR business. Today, lets talk about six of the most important things to consider when choosing a […]

11 Sep

5 Common Hotel LED Myths


Want to know a big secret about the hotel LED industry? Most of what youve heard about LED signs is false. Dishonesty runs rampant on both sides of the aislefrom manufacturers trying to hype their product line to legacy advertisers claiming that LED signs just dont work. Its time to set the record straighthere are […]

18 Aug

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Restaurant LED Sign


LED signs seem pretty simple, right? Just set up the sign, punch in some top-notch content, and spread that message to tons of viewers. But LED signs are far more effective if you know how and why to use them. Coming up with great content for your sign isnt as straightforward as it seems. But […]

14 Aug

Choosing the Best LED Sign for Your Restaurant


Finding the perfect LED sign for your restaurant might seem tough at first, but its really not as complicated as you think. To get started, we just need to go over the basics, like: Whether your sign will be outside or inside How far the sign will be from your viewers How quickly viewers will […]

11 Aug

6 Elements of a Quality Restaurant LED Sign


Choosing the right LED sign for your restaurant is an efficient, effective way to deliver your message to both new and returning diners. The key word here is right, and that means weeding out the bad manufacturers to choose the perfect sign for you and YOUR business. Weve rounded up the six most important factors […]

29 Jul

5 Common Restaurant LED Myths


Want to know a little secret about restaurant LED signs? A lot of the information youve heard about LED signs just isnt true. From dishonest manufacturers claiming their product is flawless to LED skeptics who say that digital signage doesnt work, disinformation is rampant on both sides of the aisle. So lets set the record […]

17 Jul

Are LED Signs an Expense or an Investment?


Time and time again, businesses who choose LED technology for their advertisement needs find that their new sign plays a big role in sustained growth for their company. One of the first questions many business owners ask is how much digital signage costs. Thats a fair question, to be sure. When you consider buying a […]

17 Jul

Choosing the Best Communication Methods for LED Signage


LED signs are fast becoming one of the most important communication tools for businesses today. And as the owner of a digital messageboard, its important that you know how to communicate with your sign in order to deliver the right content to your customers. Communicating with your sign can be done in several ways, and […]

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