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20 Apr

The MEGA Partner Program and You

Nothing can damage your reputation as a LED sign dealer more than pushing bargain-bin LED signs from parts unknown. In the short term, these dealers might see a minor boost in sales as they flip those signs for a pretty penny, but what’s the damage in the long run?

You guessed it—a flood of complaints from previously happy buyers, returns, bad reviews, astronomical wait times for maintenance (which lead to more customer frustration), and eventually…

Well, no more business.

Cheap is as cheap does, but some folks are so shortsighted they’d rather risk damaging their most important relationship—the one they have with customers—over a few bucks.

15 Apr

Heat: The Silent LED Sign Killer

Imagine you just bought a spiffy, top-of-the-line laptop. It’s the most elite model on the market, and you’re getting ready to do some serious gaming/photoshopping/online poker. The thing runs great for a while, then all of a sudden it fizzles out and never turns on again. It’s steaming hot to the touch, like your laptop […]

14 Apr

Come See Us at the ISA Sign Expo! April 20-23 in Orlando Florida (booth #617)

Greetings! MEGA LED will be at the ISA Sign Expo in Orlando Florida April 20-23, 2016. If you’ve ever been curious about MEGA and our products now is the perfect time to come check them out for yourself. We will be in Booth #617. MEGA has been expanding rapidly in the past year. Both the […]

06 Apr

The Science of Selling with LED

For some companies, advertisements are all about generating buzz with artsy commercials.

They’re out to win awards for their touching monologues set over sepia-toned backdrops of quiet farmland—you know, the kind of commercial you waste 30 seconds watching, and think to yourself:

“What on earth are they trying to sell me?”

These people don’t get it. They sit in little echo chambers bouncing the same stale ideas around, and what they wind up with looks more like a B-list movie than an effective ad.

Unfortunately—or rather, fortunately—you and I don’t have multi-million dollar marketing budgets to waste on celebrity voice actors and fireworks.

18 Mar

Is Junky Marketing Damaging Your Brand?

Firing off whatever comes to mind across your snazzy new LED display probably isn’t the best marketing decision. It’s certainly easy to do, but it’s not effective.

But how can you tell the difference between a good message and a bad one?

It’s crucial that you know for sure, because bad advertising doesn’t just miss out on sales—it can irreparably damage your brand and your future success.

Answering that question involves, well, asking several more questions.

So here they are—5 questions to uncover whether your advertising content is helping or hurting your brand.

09 Mar

Crafting the Perfect Call to Action with Your LED Sign

Saying isn’t selling. You’d be making a big, big mistake if you don’t put some thought into exactly what message is going up on your LED sign.

Yes, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to purely provide information. But LED message boards are first and foremost tools for advertising, and we have to treat them as such.

That means loading them with persuasive, hypnotic calls to action (CTAs).

Let’s cut through the marketing lingo and get down to brass tacks—CTAs are what make the difference between passing curiosity and a “gotta have it right now” mentality.

Sound good? Here are the 4 basic components of a quality CTA…

02 Mar

Use Your LED Sign For Good, Not Evil

We’ve already addressed some common issues people take with LED signs. However, some complaints about digital signage, in some situations, can be warranted.

Those issues stem not from LEDs themselves, but more frequently are the result of misuse or plain anti-social or selfish behavior by business owners.

Yes, your LED sign is yours. But other people have to look at it too, and there’s a big reason why you don’t want to be that guy when it comes to advertising:

Your brand will suffer, and so will your sales.

So without further ado, I present to you…3 Ways to NOT Annoy Your Neighbors with LED Signs.

17 Feb

The Shocking Truth About Imported LED Signs

The word imported triggers very different feelings depending on what exactly is being imported.

French wine? Sign me up.

Italian loafers? Yes please.

Egyptian cotton? Sure.

Chinese LED signs?

One of these things is not like the others.

That “Made in China” label is a red flag for most consumers. It seems like Chinese manufacturers are capable of screwing up everything from baby toys to computers.

LED signs are no different. Let’s take a look at some of the key issues you’ll face purchasing a sign manufactured in China.

10 Feb

What Factors Affect Your LED Sign’s Image Quality?

Would you mind investing in a low-quality sign to display your marketing messages for years to come?


Then why do I see so many examples of substandard signs every time I’m driving around the city?

I think it’s partly because buyers don’t know what to look for. Because bad signs are so widespread, they just don’t know what quality looks like.

I want to save you from the heartbreak of disappointment. Let’s go through some of the key aspects affecting LED image quality, and why you don’t need to settle for second best.

30 Jan

Digital Signage Software 101

Let’s dive right in—an LED sign needs software to function properly. Great hardware is a step in the right direction, but it needs excellent software too. If you don’t believe me, try uninstalling every single app on your phone.

Problem is, some companies make their software so technical that only people with a PhD can understand it. And sometimes LED software just doesn’t work.

And software is pretty darn important. Well-made LED software means the difference between smooth sailing and tearing out your hair in frustration.

Here’s why our software falls into the first camp, and why it’s going to make your advertising life a thousand times easier.


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