26 Jan

A Primer on LED Signs

A digital lifestyle specialist gives LED a definition. Find out what it means, how it works, and how it can help conserve energy. What Is the Definition of LED? —powered by eHow.com

12 Jan

Available Options for Areas with LED Sign Restrictions

LED signs are beneficial both for large corporations and local or small businesses. Unfortunately, despite many of the benefits that come with installing electronic signs, not all areas are allowed to display them. Safety and zoning regulations are just some of the reasons why LED signs are being restricted in specific locations. Indoor LED messages […]

09 Jan

Latest Local News on LED Signs: Implementation, Zoning, and Regulations

Local businesses are those who benefit the most when it comes to LED signs. Aside from establishing their businesses, LED signs can be used by other institutions such as the government, universities, and churches. Here are a few local areas that maximize LED signs by establishing regulations and implementing them as the law allows it. […]

03 Jan

10 Reasons to Purchase LED Signs for Your Business (PART II)

Previously, we discussed the first five reasons why you should buy LED signs for your business establishment. With LED signs, passersby are easily swayed to make impulsive choices especially if you display promotions and daily specials. Indoor LED message sign boards can also attract passersby who are lost, making the existence known to them as they walk […]

28 Dec

At Your Own Risk: LED Sign for Your Cars

Just when you thought LED signs are just for business establishments and major highways. Sold in Australia and UK is this funny LED sign from Drivemotion that you can display in your car. You can even change the displays into different figures and emotions. Just make sure that this is allowed in your country or […]

26 Dec

Welcome Tourists with This LED Sign Message

What a way to welcome tourists and visitors, yeah?

23 Dec

Funny LED Sign of the Week

Check out what’s wrong in this LED sign. I’d tell you where it is but I won’t. One clue: You’ll never find it in the US.

16 Dec

10 Reasons to Purchase LED Signs for Your Business (PART I)

So you’re thinking of buying LED sign for your business. If you’re hesitating on buying them because they are more expensive than neon signs, then you are making a bad business decision. The truth with LED signs is that only the initial price is expensive. When it comes to maintenance and long-term expenses, you will […]

16 Dec

Improving the Visibility of LED Signs

LED signs, as they are used to display important information such as business hours, promotions, and other messages, should be visible enough so passersby can easily see them as they walk past your store or any other structure where your LED signage is displayed. LED signs come in many forms – indoor LED messages, lighted […]

14 Dec

The Benefits of Putting Up LED Signs in Gas Stations

Today, every establishment is not without a LED sign. There are many advantages to using LED signs, whether they are for indoor or outdoor display. Not only can LED signs help increase foot traffic, it also adds to a business’ exposure and visibility. With LED signs, information such as business hours, specials, promotions, and important […]


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