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26 Jul

Establish Your Brand Identity with LED Sign

To gain advantage against your competitor, you must think of a way to establish something that will let customer distinguish your business from the rest. With the number of small to medium entrepreneur engaging in the main industry such as food, apparel and technology, it’s easy to be just among the ordinary stores that offer […]

19 Jul

Creating a Marketing Content that Works for Female Customers

Men and women are totally different from each other. Even when they go shopping, they have significant difference on shopping behaviors and patterns. If you are engaged in women dominated industries like shoes, bags, accessories, spa and specialty food shop, it is best to understand what get their attention and how to actually encourage them […]

12 Jul

Make Back to School More Fun with LED Sign

Isn’t it frustrating sometimes to hold a school event only to have few attendees just because the rest of the students and faculties were not properly informed? When announcements posted in bulletin board simply go unnoticed, it is time to get a more high-tech way to deliver your message.   To make sure that everyone […]

05 Jul

Drive More Sales to Your Auto Dealer Business with Full Color LED Sign

When you’re in a Car dealership business, having the best sales agent in the world can bring you countless done deals and sure income. But having the best sales team needs to be paired with the right advertisement tool and unbeatable marketing strategy. When combined together, you can have the perfect formula to keep people […]

03 Jul

Put your Company’s Name in the Sky Today!

Proper advertisement is one of the many pillars on which a successful business is balanced. If you own a business, surely you are aware that paying for television ad space or a spot in a magazine can run a pretty penny. Obviously, as you are attempting to reach the eyes and ears of as many […]

26 Jun

Brighten Up your Restaurant with LED Signs

Do you own a restaurant, diner, or other eating establishment? If so, you are probably already aware of the fact that attracting attention via visual means is one of the most integral methods of drawing business into your store. Without much concern, I’m willing to bet you probably have some large, brightly lit LED sign […]

18 Jun

Drive Your Marketing Efforts Further With an LED Billboard

Anyone who has driven to work understands that traffic is an inevitable part of daily life. Because of this, thousands upon thousands of drivers are left each day waiting to be entertained by billboards as they crawl through the streets. The opportunity to create strong brand recognition is there for all businesses, but fully capitalizing […]

11 Jun

Market your Business with LED Display Billboards

With so many consumer choices available today, it has become paramount for businesses to market themselves effectively. One of the strongest factors in consumer choice is brand recognition. If they don’t know the name, they often won’t buy the product. Highway billboards are a long-standing method of increasing brand recognition, but they are starting to […]

08 Jun

Text or Graphics: Which is More Important for LED Signs?

The use of graphics in LED displays for commercial use is fast gaining popularity, and why not; they have proven that they provide the fastest return of investment for most businesses. Or have they? You wanna talk about digital displays that are visually enticing, LED signs that enable graphics or videos are the way to […]

13 May

The Top 5 Reasons why LED Signs are the Right Fit for Your Business

In advertising, visibility is the key to success. Nothing attracts customers’ eyes like a well-designed, bright, and colorful sign. Here are the top five reasons to take advantage of LED signs in your business’s next marketing campaign. 1. Customization The best thing about our digital signs is the level of customization they give you. Almost […]


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