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12 Apr

Car Dealership LED Signs Vs Static Signs

As long as people have been selling and trading, there have been signs. Yet signs haven’t changed much over the past few thousand years—until recently. In the past century, advertising has gone into complete overdrive. Your traditional static sign is competing for attention in your customer’s day with hundreds or even thousands of other information […]

12 Apr

Are Digital Billboards an Expense or an Investment?

Businesses that choose LED technology are quick to discover just how beneficial these investments can be for the long-term health of their companies. But no matter how high the potential payoff might be, one of the nagging questions anyone has before pulling the trigger on a new purchase is: Exactly how much is this thing […]

12 Apr

Are Car Dealership LED Signs an Expense or an Investment?

Every day, car dealership owners who choose LED technology to enhance the reach of their businesses find out that their shiny new investment quickly becomes a driving force for growth. But no matter how incredible car dealership LED signs might seem, one of the biggest questions any business owner is going to ask about a […]

12 Apr

Digital Billboards Vs Static Signs

Signs have existed for as long as humans have been selling and trading with each other, but that means your standard highway billboard is in desperate need of a shakeup. Static billboards are so commonplace that potential customers are totally tuning out your message faster than ever before. Your sign is getting lost in a […]

15 Mar

6 Elements of a Quality Car Dealership LED Sign

Finding the right car dealership sign can mean the difference between plateauing and stagnating or reaching tons of new customers who are ready to buy. While it’s easy to find a car dealership sign company, finding a good one is a little tougher. We’ve picked six of the biggest factors you need to consider when […]

15 Mar

5 Common Government LED Sign Myths

Both LED sign critics and dishonest manufacturers are guilty of fibbing a little when it comes to government LED signs. You have one group saying that LED signs don’t work at all, and another trying to hide the faults in their products. Let’s set the record straight. Here are five of the biggest myths surrounding […]

15 Mar

Are Full Color LED Signs an Expense or an Investment?

Time and time again, businesses and organizations who choose full color LED signage discover that their new investment winds up paying a huge role in the growth of their business. But of course, one of the first questions any business owners has about making a new investment or purchase is: How much is this thing […]

15 Mar

6 Elements of a Quality Programmable LED Sign

Picking the right programmable LED sign for your business is a surefire way to get your message out there and give a major boost to your marketing efforts. But the key word is right, meaning that first you have to weed out the bad LED sign manufacturers and their sub-par products. We’ve selected six of […]

16 Feb

Make Your School LED Sign Stand Out

Not every school LED sign is the same, and that also means using the wrong school LED could cause your messaging to get lost in translation. School LED signs can’t just be left alone to their own devices in the hopes of solving your outreach and marketing problems, but with a little thought they can […]

16 Feb

Are Church LED Signs an Expense or an Investment?

Over and over again, businesses and churches who go with LED sign solutions find out that their new sign plays a pivotal role in the growth and outreach of their organization. But of course, one of the biggest questions you probably have is just how much one of these church LED signs is going to […]


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