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24 Sep

Using LED School Sign Videos and Animations

church led signs

Animations and videos are one of the most powerful features available with your new LED sign, and what gives this medium a big edge over traditional signs and billboards. Moving ads and messages grab attention in ways that static signs just can’t. Why Use Videos and Animations with Your School LED Sign? LED sign multimedia […]

24 Sep

How to Keep Your Church Sign Looking Brand New

Church LED signs are big investments, and protecting that investment is crucial to see big results for years and years down the road. Read on to see how to properly clean and care for your LED sign, protecting it from the elements and whatever else life sends your way. Keeping Your Church LED Sign Looking […]

24 Sep

Graphics or Text: Which is Most Important for LED School Signs?

The use of graphics and animations in LED signs is getting more and more common by the day, and why not when they’ve proven to be a fast, safe return on investment for businesses, organizations and schools the world over? But are animations and graphics right for every school? LED signs are visually enticing and […]

14 Aug

Get the Most Out of Your Sign with Attention-Grabbing Videos and Animations

We’ve seen too many business owners out there with LED signs who aren’t using their new investments to their full ability. LED signs have the power to transform the way people view your company and multiply your ability to gain attention and new visitors, but failure to think outside the box with your new sign […]

14 Aug

Keep Your Customers Entertained While They Wait with Digital Signage

church led signs

Every successful business owner understands the desires and needs of their customers—especially during long wait times. We’ve all been there before, standing in a huge line at the mall during the holidays or sitting through the morning rush at the coffee shop or fast food joint. Waiting might be a necessary evil, but it doesn’t […]

14 Aug

Why Digital Signs Are Essential for Any Business in Travel and Tourism

school led sign

When it comes to boosting your reach and furthering your marketing goals, the benefits of using LED signs are almost too numerous to count. Digital signage has introduced new ways to provide your audiences with relevant and engaging information, and industries as diverse as retail and college universities have started embracing the power of LED […]

30 Jul

Skyrocket Employee Engagement and Profitability with Signs

The most common considerations for purchasing LED signs are on the customer’s side of things—spreading information, advertising sales, drawing in fresh visitors to your store, etc. But when business owners get tunnel vision and think of their signs as these one-dimensional advertising machines, they’re actually missing out on a ton of opportunities. Your Employees Aren’t […]

30 Jul

How to Deliver Dynamic Content that Truly Speaks to Your Customers

Dynamic content is personalized content—content where your advertisements are tailor-made for specific target audiences. Cutting-edge advancements in both hardware and software have made targeted content creation easier than ever before, allowing messages to match potential customers based on geographic location, time of day, day of the week, etc. Customers are beginning to expect this level […]

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