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14 Aug

Take Your Self-Storage Facility to the Next Level with Digital Signage

Signage is essential for pretty much every type of business. Signs help you get new customers and fill up empty units—and your bank account. And as a self-storage facility owner, you really need a sign that works overtime to bring in as many people as possible. When it comes to being effective and efficient, signs […]

20 Jun

Using Sign Videos and Animations

church led signs

Using videos and animations is one of the most powerful features of your new LED sign, and what gives you a huge edge over traditional billboards and signage. Moving advertisements and messages grab attention in a way that static signs just can’t. Why Use Videos and Animations with Your LED Sign? The multimedia capabilities of […]

20 Jun

Why Buy an LED Sign For Your Business?

LED signs—also called electronic message centers or digital signs—are revolutionizing the way businesses advertise and attract customers. Digital signs are one of the most effective and efficient advertising tools available today, and here’s why. What is an LED Sign? First of all, let’s cover exactly what is an LED sign. LED signs are digital displays […]

20 Jun

Make Your Business a Landmark with LED Signage

Business owners are always on the lookout for new ways to increase exposure for their company. LED signs are one such way to turn your business into a visual landmark for your community. Businesses that stand out all have something unique that draws interest and creates a memorable visit…and it doesn’t get more attention-grabbing than […]

20 Jun

How to Care for Your LED Sign

school led sign

LED signs are a big investment, and protecting your purchase is the key to seeing maximum ROI for years to come. Read on to see how to properly care for your LED sign, protecting it from the elements and whatever else life throws at you. Keeping Your LED Sign Looking Fresh For general cleaning, wash […]

15 May

How Restaurant LED Signs Are Leading the Modern Marketing Charge

The days of Yellow Page ads, direct mail and radio spots are coming to a close. Today, with digital marketing featuring so prominently over older outbound techniques like cold calling and mail campaigns, you might think there’s no room left for something as antiquated as a sign or billboard. The thing is, signs have been […]

15 May

School LED Sign Construction Basics

Construction and installation of a school LED sign is a great investment, for sure. School signs give you the ability to laser-target your messaging to reach specific groups of people—from students to parents to faculty and staff. But before you even begin, you need to know the basics of school LED sign construction so that […]

15 May

How LED Signs Are Leading the Modern Marketing Charge

The days of radio spots, Yellow Page ads and direct mail campaigns are coming to a close. Today, with digital marketing techniques taking precedence over older outbound methods like direct calls and TV ads, you might think there’s no room left for something as antiquated as a sign or billboard. Well, signs have also embraced […]

15 May

LED Sign Construction Basics

Installing and constructing an LED sign is a great investment for your company. LED signs give you the power to target your message to reach specific customers. But it’s important to know the ins and outs of the LED sign installation and construction process before you begin. Local Building Codes Local municipalities all have unique […]

12 Apr

Car Dealership LED Signs Vs Static Signs

As long as people have been selling and trading, there have been signs. Yet signs haven’t changed much over the past few thousand years—until recently. In the past century, advertising has gone into complete overdrive. Your traditional static sign is competing for attention in your customer’s day with hundreds or even thousands of other information […]

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