17 Jul

Are LED Signs an Expense or an Investment?

Are LED Signs an Expense or an Investment?

Time and time again, businesses who choose LED technology for their advertisement needs find that their new sign plays a big role in sustained growth for their company.

One of the first questions many business owners ask is how much digital signage costs. That’s a fair question, to be sure.

When you consider buying a huge Ultra-HD TV for your house, there’s a price tag associated with that purchase. But TVs can also offer the less-tangible benefits of enjoyment and socialization with family and friends that’s hard to attach a dollar sign to.

LED signs are the same.

First of all, let’s examine some of the real costs associated with buying and owning an LED sign. During the life of your sign, you’ll probably spend money on:

  • The actual hardware and software needed to install and operate the sign
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Content
  • Electricity

These expenses are common, but luckily choosing a reputable manufacturer with a solid warranty ensures that extra expenses outside of your sign’s initial purchase will be kept to a minimum.

But LED signs are worth far more than the costs of installation and operation. Unlike a TV add or a social media campaign, LED signs continue to work for you long after other forms of advertisement. LED signs:

  • Help promote and market your business
  • Improve brand and product loyalty
  • Educate customers
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Enhance conversion and generate leads

Sure, the cost of high-end LED signs might look like a substantial investment—but using digital signboards means thinking about your advertising media a little bit differently.

The US Small Business Administration recently said that businesses who choose digital signage see an increase in business up to 150%, and that’s a big deal!

Investing in a digital sign isn’t an expense like paper clips or gasoline—it’s a marketing medium with huge potential ROI that just keeps giving.

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