12 Apr

Are Digital Billboards an Expense or an Investment?

Are Digital Billboards an Expense or an Investment?

Businesses that choose LED technology are quick to discover just how beneficial these investments can be for the long-term health of their companies.

But no matter how high the potential payoff might be, one of the nagging questions anyone has before pulling the trigger on a new purchase is:

Exactly how much is this thing going to cost me?

Normally, this is a fair question. When you buy a stapler or printer ink for your business, the costs and benefits are easy to calculate—you’re spending X dollars in exchange for meeting the basic needs of your company.

But digital billboards are an investment that you’ll be able to take advantage of for years to come. Yes, they do have their hard costs, like:

  • Initial hardware, software and installation costs
  • Design and content creation
  • Maintenance and power
  • Etc.

But measuring the costs associated with your sign is more complicated than that. Besides the fact that picking the right digital billboard manufacturer will reduce all of these costs by a large margin, you also have to consider the benefits of owning one of these signs. LED billboards give you around-the-clock power to:

  • Deliver news and information to potential customers
  • Generate leads
  • Market and promote your business
  • Enhance awareness

And so much more. Owning a digital billboard means owning the advertising medium—something that just isn’t possible with a radio, TV, or even Facebook ad. Because you own the medium, you really own the message, and you can deliver that message however and whenever you want.

Yes, digital billboards have a relatively steep up-front cost. But considering the fact that most small businesses report more than 150% increase in business after purchasing an LED sign, and you can see the potential ROI for your business is outstanding.

Buying a digital billboard isn’t an expense—it’s an investment.

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