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A Mistake-Proof Guide to Installing and Programming Your LED Sign

A Mistake-Proof Guide to Installing and Programming Your LED Sign

MEGA Sign Inc’s superior digital signage solutions offer big and small businesses, churches and schools, and non-profit organizations top-notch features and ease of use at an affordable price (with a 5 year warranty and price match guarantee on your LED sign).

Our digital signs are simple and easy to install, set up, and program to project your business or organization’s message in a way that the public will be sure to notice. You might be amazed at how easy it is to get started with your own LED sign(s).

Installing Your MEGA LED Sign

Whether you order our Versa, Alpha, or Premier, you can find easy instructions for installation by downloading the PDF of the installation guide for each product on our Support Page.

These include handy quick reference guides and an installation check list so you don’t miss anything when installing your LED sign. The guides also include high quality, color pictures so you can see exactly what you need to do. No sweating the installation. We make it very simple for you.

First you’ll want to carefully remove the sign from its packaging following the proper uncrating instructions in the guide and referring to the unpacking check list.

Your LED sign will be shipped carefully protected inside a particle board shipping crate. You’ll need to remove the screws holding the crate cover on, and use the proper equipment to carefully lift the sign from its packaging.

Your LED sign will come packaged with a site ground paper template to help you prepare the site if it’s the monument-style Alpha series sign.

The wall mounted Versa series signs and the support structure mounted Premier series signs have diagrams of all the installation components in the downloadable installation PDF guides.

Programming Your LED Sign

Sending content to your LED sign is a breeze with Mega Express 2016, our proprietary digital signage content software. After installing the software on your computer download the Mega Express Player PDF guide from our Support Page, and follow the easy instructions inside to run the program and send content to your sign.

Mega Express Player uses files called “Projects” that allow you to customize, create, and display your very own digital signage content on your LED sign, so programming your LED sign is a breeze.

A project can hold any number of slides and your electronic message board will display them in sequence, transitioning from slide to slide automatically according to your settings once you synchronize the project with your LED sign.

Mega Express Player has a very user friendly graphic user interface that’s fairly obvious, intuitive, and easy to use. If you can make a PowerPoint presentation on a Windows PC, you can make a Mega Express Player project and design your own electronic sign content.

Optimizing Your LED Sign’s Results

There are many variables to keep in mind when planning out and designing your MEGA sign projects. For instance how quickly does traffic pass by your sign’s location? Is it street traffic, foot traffic, or both?

If both, how many of each kind of traffic will pass within view of your sign? It may be worth watching at different times of the day and week for a few minutes at a time and getting a count to compare.

How long will the most traffic actually see your sign for? Be sure your content is easy to read, that each slide works on its own without seeing the previous or next slide, and that slides transition at intervals that make sense for the site. Avoid these two most common digital signage mistakes, and follow these tips to optimize your sign with killer LED content.

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