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A Few Little Tricks to Really Wow Customers with Your Convenience Store LED Sign

A Few Little Tricks to Really Wow Customers with Your Convenience Store LED Sign

Now more than ever, businesses need to stand out to survive. There is a lot competing for a customer’s attention, and you need engaging, targeted messaging if you want to reach them.

LED signs can help you draw in customers and keep traffic flowing through your store. They can also be used to advertise limited tim promotional offers, which can help you sell more tertiary items.

Here’s how you can use an LED sign to increase your business’s profits and sell additional items.

Digital Out Of Home Advertising

As digital content becomes more important to building a brand’s image, convenience stores are starting to make the most of LED signs.

You can place small displays near gas pumps to keep customers engaged as they wait, as well as advertise cross promotions.

Sell Additional Services

Convenience stores often offer a wide range of services to get as much from each customer as possible. LED signs are a great way of advertising all of the services you have on offer.

For example, as a customer waits on gas to pump, they can see a display for a car wash or for promotions inside the store.

You can also use LED signs to upsell customers during transactions. As they check out, offer them additional items at a reduced price. This helps you make the most of every sale, and it can also help you unload any excess inventory you have.

Advertise Tertiary Goods

Customers who walk into convenience stores often have a good idea of what they plan to buy. But you may be able to convince them to pick up a few extra items with promotional offers.

If a customer is coming in just to buy a bottle of water, you may be able to convince them to pick up a few snacks too. You can also use LED signs to help sell lottery tickets and grab a customer’s attention as they wait for food.

Attract Passing Traffic

Convenience stores live or die by how many customers they can attract as they drive by. Use an LED sign to get a customer’s attention from far away and to make your business stand out from the crowd.

LED signs are high visibility, so you can see them from far away at night and when it rains. Use content that is quick to absorb and engaging, as potential customers will be driving by quickly.

Where You Should Place An LED Sign At A Convenience Store

Here are some ideas for where to place your LED sign.

1. Outside Of Business

Convenience stores often use large LED signs to attract traffic as it passes by. They may also have a variety of smaller signs that advertise deals and try to get customers to come into the store.

2. Inside Of Business

LED signs placed inside are a good way of advertising promotions that grab a customer’s attention as they check out.

You can also use LED signs to direct customers to other areas of the store. If you have a restaurant, use signs to advertise deals on meal combos.

You can also use your LED signs to sell more lottery tickets as customers wait for coffee or for food.

3. Food Boards

Many convenience stores serve food or have an attached restaurant. LED signs are one of the easiest ways to display a custom menu that can be changed throughout the day.

You can also use your LED sign to promote limited time food offers. This is a great way to get customers to spend a bit more, and it can also help you get rid of extra inventory.

4. Near Additional Services

If your business offers any additional services, such as a car wash, laundry, or restaurants, LED signs can highlight them and show customers where to go.

These signs can help convince customers to spend more time at your business, as well as help them remember all of the services you have on offer.

5. Refrigerator And Freezer Stores

Many busy convenience stores can sell space on signs to brands that want to advertise their products. You can place LED signs in front of refrigerators and freezers to add an extra revenue stream.

Find The Right LED Sign

At MEGA, we design digital signs for a wide range of business needs. We can help you find the right sign to suit your store, as well as customize it so that you can better target customers.

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