Alpha LED Sign Features

Alpha LED sign board showing all the features of an LED sign
Eye bolts LED Back Lighting Light Sensor & Toggle Switch 4 inch Ventilation Wifi Antenna 2 inch tall Divider Bar RAL Powder Coating Durable Aluminum Sign Cabinet Steel Structure Vinyl Cutting Sheet U Connect Plate Reinforcement Bar J-Bolts Electric Conduit Free Quote LED Screen Optional Address Section Lexan sign face Second Surface Vinyl Graphics

Eye bolts

Easy lifting eye bolts, ensure your sign is secured during shipping, and installation.

LED Back Lighting

LED back-light signs ensure your potential customers can see your message during the darkest of nights, as well as during the day!

Light Sensor & Toggle Switch

The light sensor automatically detects how much natural light is around your LED sign. Adjusting the brightness and dimness automatically no matter the time of day.

4 inch Ventilation

4 inches of ventilation allow for maximum efficiency in cooling of your sign.

Wifi Antenna

Our state of the art antenna is capable of catching your signal from hundreds of feet away! Making it easy to change the display of your LED sign from the comfort of your office church school or business!

2 inch tall Divider Bar

Our Divider Bar makes it especially easy to differentiate between your message on top, and what's on the bottom. Have a company logo on top, while displaying newsworthy information below, to cement your message into your prospective clients memories.

RAL Powder Coating

The RAL range provides a wonderful way to specify beautiful shades across the full color spectrum. Choose from any color conceivable, or reach out to a representative to find out what color would suit your sign best.

Durable Aluminum Sign Cabinet

The housing of the internals themselves, and what your clients see. Our Durable Aluminum Cabinet is shock proof, and vandal proof! Graffiti washes right off, and even bats won't dent this strong composite.

Steel Structure

The base of your new LED sign will be steel. Capable of sustaining gale force winds! Your new sign will be sturdy, clean, and reliable.

Vinyl Cutting Sheet

Our machines will professionally cut out the front and back plating to your signs with laser precision.

U Connect Plate

Universal Mounting System - Safely and easily secures your LED sign to its base.

Reinforcement Bar

Reinforcement Bars go deep into the soil, to ensure your sign will be vandal, wind, and accident proof for years to come.


J bolts dig into the ground, like a serrated edge, preventing even the hardiest machine to life your sign out of the ground once it's installed.

Electric Conduit

The electric wire that runs from your sign to a pre-determind source. Our experts will give you the best advice on where this should go. Leave it all to us!

Free Quote

Convinced MEGA LED Technology will be your best investment? Contact us today for a free quote!

LED Screen

The main part of your LED sign! Here's where the magic happens. Hundreds of tiny LED diodes is what displays your information out to the world. Create a back to school program to let students see, or a lunch special menu. Tell new clients the cost of items, or let them know where to park! The messaging you can display to the world about your business, school, church or other business is limitless!

Optional Address Section

Designated Address section for clear visibility.

Lexan sign face

Lexan Polycarbonate creates plastic sign faces that are unparalleled in the sign industry. Lexan Solar Grade Polycarbonate signs are durable, impact resistant, weather resistant, and are extremely customizable.

Second Surface Vinyl Graphics

Secondary permanent vinyl graphics is a great place to put your company logo, or the name of your school, church, restaurant or business!