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6 Elements of a Quality Car Dealership LED Sign

6 Elements of a Quality Car Dealership LED Sign

Finding the right car dealership sign can mean the difference between plateauing and stagnating or reaching tons of new customers who are ready to buy.

While it’s easy to find a car dealership sign company, finding a good one is a little tougher.

We’ve picked six of the biggest factors you need to consider when choosing a sign for your dealership—find a manufacturer who checks off all of the following, and get ready for LED marketing dominance.

1. Your Car Dealership LED Sign Is Made in the USA

“Made in the USA” is more than a patriotic stamp of approval. In today’s world of markets flooded with cheap, unreliable, and sometimes dangerous products from overseas, Made in the USA is a guarantee of quality.

Buying an LED sign is a big investment, and rolling the dice with a low-quality Chinese manufacturer is rarely a wise decision.

We design and build our signs right here in the United States, and our customers couldn’t be happier.

2. Your Car Dealership Sign’s Warranty Is Airtight

Just about anything you buy nowadays comes with a warranty. A warranty is a promise from the maker of your LED sign—and a supposedly “great” sign without a warranty probably isn’t that great.

Can you trust that your car dealership sign is going to last more than a few months? Can you trust that it’ll stay bright and effective for a long, long time? That you won’t need to spend tons of time calling back the maintenance team to fix it?

Our signs come with a 5-year warranty for parts and labor, and we guarantee the arrival of your parts in less than 72 hours.

3. Your Car Dealership Sign Is Priced Fairly

No matter how big or fancy your LED sign is, it has to be priced fairly. Lots of manufacturers will pitch you on the most expensive product they offer, but you might not need their top-of-the-line sign to see great results.

That’s one of the reasons we offer price matching with our competitors, and why we have a type of sign that’s perfect for just about any business.

4. Your Car Dealership Sign’s Design Is Fully Customizable

Black Model T Fords might have been enough last century, but today your business needs a unique approach to win in a cutthroat industry.

MEGA offers our clients both customized hardware and design help (for up to a year after your purchase) to give you an edge over the other guys, creating a truly unique marketing solution you’ll enjoy for years to come.

5. Your Car Dealership LED Sign Is Only Made with Quality Parts

Industry standards are just that—standard.

MEGA builds our signs to crush those industry standards because elite businesses need more than “standard” marketing tools to trounce the competition

We make better signs for car dealerships not because we have to, but because we want to. MEGA’s LED signs are simply the best around.

6. Your Car Dealership Sign Is Built with You In Mind

At the end of the day, your car dealership LED sign has to be dependable, it has to be effective, and it has to be easy to use. It also has to be built for your business in order to make advertising and marketing as easy as possible.

When you’re narrowing down your search for a car dealership sign company, ask yourself:

  • Is your sign built with top-grade parts in the US, or imported from a Chinese sweatshop?
  • Can the sign manufacturer provide unique LED solutions for your business, or are you limited in choice?
  • If something goes wrong, can you count on help arriving soon?
  • Will your sign bring your dealership a substantial ROI?

If yes, then you’ve found a winner.

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