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6 Elements of a Great School LED Sign

6 Elements of a Great School LED Sign

A great school LED sign is the perfect way to get your message out and keep all of your students, faculty, parents and visitors up-to-date on the latest news and events.

Key word: great LED signs. Not all school signs are created equal.

There are six totally essential building blocks of an outstanding school LED signboard—either your sign has it or not. To get the highest return on investment possible, let’s take a peek at those six factors and make choosing the right LED for your school simple and easy.

1. Your School LED Sign Is Made in the USA

We’re all looking for that “Made in the USA” quality, but it’s not a line we see enough of these days. Maybe it’s alright to trust pencils or gloves made in a foreign country, but for something as complex as an LED sign, quality should be a much bigger concern.

The sad fact is that a majority of foreign-made school LED signs are subpar, to say the least. Quality control standards can be lacking or nonexistent. But when your school and your community is relying on your LED to deliver, the last thing you want to worry about is your investment getting fried with no warning.

When your imported LED sign does break—and it will—will you be confident enough to call support all the way across the ocean or waiting weeks for new parts to arrive?

MEGA’s school signs aren’t just built in the US—they’re also designed and supported here, too.

2. Your School Sign’s Warranty Is Solid

Just about every company offers a warranty, but have you ever dug deep into what that really means?

In other words, how would you like to purchase a new LED sign every 5 years? Every year? Because that’s what happens when you trust a manufacturer with low standards to build your sign after your brief warranty period is up.

LED signs are a big investment, and choosing a company who won’t stand by their products just isn’t worth the headache.

MEGA offers a five-year warranty for all of our products, and that doesn’t just mean chat support or a FAQ page—we include parts and on-site labor.

And if something does go wrong with your school LED sign in the Continental US, you can expect new parts to arrive within just 72 hours.

3. Your School Sign Is Priced Fairly

The price of school LED signs can be a big turn-off for some people, and who can blame them? Many companies do charge absurd prices for their LED signs.

Of course, that’s their right. But what’s an LED sign really worth?

That all depends on the size of your school sign, its shape, its resolution, and a variety of other factors. But whatever price you’re quoted by another company, we’ll match it.

How’s that for fair?

4. Your School Sign’s Design Is Fully Customizable

Having trouble bringing your awesome sign concept into reality?

Or do you know exactly what you want to do, but you’re worried about experimenting and tweaking after your sign is up and running?

With a lot of other LED companies, you’d be out of luck in both cases.

Great LED manufacturers don’t just make parts or product, they make solutions. And that means working with you until your sign and your design is absolutely perfect.

We know the needs of your business are always evolving, and that’s why we pledge a full year of design support after your purchase.

5. Your School LED Sign Is Only Made with Quality Parts

Yes, most school signs are made to meet industry standards.

That means, at some point during the design process, management says “OK. That’s good enough.”

But what if we designed and built signs to the best of our ability instead of stopping once we hit an artificial goal post? Your advertising goals are probably a little more ambitious than good enough, and so are our design standards.

Instead of building signs that just meet industry standards, MEGA holds itself to a higher standard—yours.

High contrast modules, all-aluminum cabinets, ultra-wide viewing angles…we make the best school LED signs in the industry.

6. Your School Sign Is Built with You In Mind

Your school or university shouldn’t be forced to adopt the same cookie-cutter design and features as everyone else. LED signs are not one-size/shape/color-fits-all, so why settle?

Our signs can be custom-built with your needs in mind, whatever they may be. There’s simply no reason for consumers to feel forced into buying a certain size or shape of LED sign anymore.

When you’re comparing LED sign manufacturers and products, always ask yourself:

  • Is the sign made in the US from the best parts?
  • If you need a unique size, shape or design, can the manufacturer help?
  • If something goes wrong with your sign, how fast will help arrive?
  • And, is your investment fairly priced?

Once you have peace of mind with the answers to all of these questions, you’ve found a winner.

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