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6 Elements of a Great Retail LED

6 Elements of a Great Retail LED

Finding the best retail LED sign is the most effective way to deliver the perfect business message to a big, big audience. But locating the best retail sign is really tough—especially if you don’t know what to look for.

Let’s take a look at six of the biggest factors you need to consider while shopping around for your next retail LED. These are guidelines for picking the right manufacturer with the best possible product, giving your business the biggest chance at success.

1. Your Retail LED Sign Is Made in the USA

Many of the digital retail signs you’ll find for sale are coming from foreign factories with abysmal quality control and bottom-of-the-barrel production standards. However, retail LEDs are way more complicated than they look on the outside, and trusting an overseas manufacturer with such a big investment is always risky.

Our retail signs are designed, built and supported here in the US. That’s quality engineering you can depend on to take your retail business to the next level.

2. Your Retail Sign’s Warranty Is Airtight

Do you trust your manufacturer enough to have faith that your sign will still be working next month? Next year? What about ten years from now? Can you be sure that it won’t break down and need constant repairs and spare parts? Do you think it will stay bright for years to come?

Your sign’s warranty is simply how manufacturers put their money where their mouth is. Our warranty guarantees five years of parts and on-site labor, with spare parts arriving within just 3 days to the Lower 48.

3. Your Retail LED Is Priced Fairly

Retail LED signs come in tons of different shapes and sizes—with tons of different price tags. Although manufacturers often pitch buyers on their most expensive models, that doesn’t mean the most expensive sign is always the best choice.

Digital retail signs are an investment, with most retailers recouping the cost of their sign after just a year of use.

And no matter what you’re quoted, we’ll match any competitor price.

4. Your Retail Sign’s Design Is Fully Customizable

In the realm of digital signage, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. We provide our customers with custom design help and even hardware, giving you options that just aren’t possible from our competitors.

5. Your Retail LED Is Only Made with Quality Parts

MEGA’s products are built to exceed industry standards, and we take pride in the fact that our signs help our customers achieve the best results possible.

Our retail signs feature incredible ultra-wide viewing angles, high-contrast modules and all-aluminum cabinets. Our signs are superior, and they get superior results.

6. Your Retail Sign Is Built with You In Mind

Quality, efficiency, longevity…your retail LED needs to have it all in order to deliver the ROI your business needs. And with so many choices available, it really doesn’t make sense to choose a sign that doesn’t fit perfectly with your business.

When you’re trying to pick an LED manufacturer, just ask yourself:

  • Can they provide unique shapes, sizes and designs?
  • Are their products built here in the USA using the best parts?
  • How quickly will help arrive if you need it?
  • Will their sign help deliver results for your business? Will you actually see a return on your investment?

Legitimate manufacturers should have worked with tons of real customers and can provide proof to back up their claims. And once you can answer all of those questions with a big YES, you’ve found your perfect retail sign.

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