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6 Elements of a Great Digital Billboard

6 Elements of a Great Digital Billboard

Picking the best digital billboard is a surefire way to effectively deliver your business’ message to a huge audience. But the key word here is best, and choosing the best digital billboard is tough.

We’ve put together six important factors to think about when you’re shopping around for your next billboard. Use these as guidelines for picking the best manufacturer with the best product, and get ready for a big return on your investment.

Let’s get started.

1. Your Digital Billboard Is Made in the USA

Tons of the digital billboards and digital signs you see for sale are produced in foreign factories with extremely lax quality control and production standards. But digital signs are a lot more intricate than they appear, and trusting a foreign company with your investment is always a risky decision.

MEGA signs are designed and built in America—quality you can depend on to take your business’ advertising efforts to the next level.

2. Your Digital Billboard’s Warranty Is Solid

What does a warranty really mean?

Can you trust that your new billboard will still work in a month? A year? Ten years? That it won’t need repairs or expensive parts all the time? That it will stay bright and effective for a long, long time?

A warranty is your sign manufacturer’s way of putting their money with their mouth is. That’s why our digital billboards are guaranteed by a five-year parts and on-site labor warranty, with parts arriving within just 72 hours to the Continental US.

3. Your Digital Billboard Is Priced Fairly

Digital billboards come in all sizes and shapes, with varying price tags, too. Manufacturers tend to pitch prospective buyers on their biggest and most expensive models, but the most expensive sign isn’t always the best option for YOUR needs.

Digital billboards should be seen as an investment, with most businesses earning back the cost of their sign within the first year of operation.

But whatever your needs, one thing is for certain—we’ll match any price from our competitors. How’s that for fair?

4. Your Digital Bilboard’s Design Is Fully Customizable

When it comes to digital billboards, one size does NOT fit all. We offer our customers highly customized hardware and design help, rather than the take-it-or-leave-it attitude of our competitors.

We don’t just sell billboards—we provide advertising solutions.

5. Your Digital Billboard Is Only Made with Quality Parts

Our products are designed and built to surpass industry standards. Our customers come to us for help achieving massive success with their businesses, and we do that by building and selling some of the best LED signs in the world.

From LED billboards with ultra wide viewing angles, high contrast modules and all aluminum cabinets, our digital billboards are superior…and get superior results.

Just like almost all products come with warranties, almost every product “meets industry standards.” But to us, simply “meeting” standards means stopping short of true greatness. That’s why we always push the limits and create products that go above and beyond what’s considered standard.

6. Your Digital Billboard Is Built with You In Mind

When it comes to longevity, quality and efficiency, your digital billboard should help you see amazing results for your business. With so many choices, it just doesn’t make sense to settle on a sign that doesn’t tick all the boxes.

So when you’re looking for a manufacturer, ask yourself:

  • Is their product created from the best parts right here in the US?
  • Can the manufacturer help with unique sizes, shapes and designs?
  • If and when you need support, how quickly will help arrive?
  • Will the sign get the job done? Can you reasonably expect to see a return on your investment?

If the manufacturer is legitimate, they should have real life customers and examples they can show you to prove it. And if you can answer all those questions perfectly, you’ve found a winner.

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