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5 Tips For Getting Big ROI From Your Sidewalk LED Sign

5 Tips For Getting Big ROI From Your Sidewalk LED Sign

Walking down any busy street, you’ll find LED signs in front of countless business.

They are one of the most common ways of capturing the attention of passerby in busy areas. LED signs are one of the most affordable ways of advertising, whether you want to show off a slogan, advertise a special deal, or build brand awareness.

They are much more customizable than traditional outdoor signs, and they are also quite portable. That’s why they are a favorite of churches, schools, and stores looking for an affordable, customizable way of advertising.

Show Customers Who You Are And What You Do

One of the most important functions of any outdoor sign is communicating who you are and what your business does. If you are using an LED sidewalk sign as your primary signage, it is important that it shows your business’s identity.

This can be done in multiple different ways. If you have a logo, you can use this on your sign. If you just want to convey your name in type, then that is also a good option.

Whether you use an image or type, it is crucial that you make it readable. You will do nothing to improve your brand awareness if people cannot read what is on your sign. It can be tempting to choose an ornate font, but try to keep the focus on clarity.

Choose a relatively simple font in a dark color so that people will be able to read it from far away. And if you use an image, make sure that it is clear and well-defined, and that the source image is high-resolution.

Tell Customers What You Do Differently

The point of a sidewalk LED sign is to get your name out there, as well as tell customers why they should enter your store and spend money with you. That means that you need to have useful information on the screen that will help a customer make a decision about coming into your store.

A cute picture or a joke might seem like good ways of capturing customer interest. But you need to make sure that your sign is also giving the customer information that they can act on. A cute sign won’t be very effective if people don’t know what you sell.

Try to convey a message that will clearly and concisely give the customer useful information about your store. Tell customers what you do, and what sets you apart from competitors.

A sign can be a great place to advertise discounts on products. You are showing the customer what you sell, as well as giving them a reason to choose you over other businesses.

Make Your Sign Unique

Because of their effectiveness and affordability, LED sidewalk signs are commonly used in business areas and crowded streets.

The downside of that for your business is that there are a lot of signs competing for people’s attention. That’s why it’s important that yours stands out.

Customers have a lot of different options when they are walking down the street. They won’t give your business any extra attention unless you give them a reason to. Make your sign stand out with an excellent offer or sale, or with a unique but clear logo.

Always be aware of what other businesses are saying on their sidewalk signs. These signs may be well-designed, but if they are all alike, they won’t grab people’s attention.

Make sure you aren’t using the exact same type of content and format as businesses around you so that customers can see that you do things differently.

When They Should Visit Your Business

In addition to getting your name out their and distinguishing you from competitors, a sidewalk LED sign should also convey practical information on when the customer should visit your business. This can be your regular hours of operation, as well as any special hours relating to holidays or weekends.

It’s also a great way of conveying information on limited time offers that can draw in customers. Use your digital sign to advertise a sale, or the dates when you are offering a special product.

This will help you attract the right kind of customers for your business, and make it seem like your business always has something new on offer to excite customers. This makes your store worth coming back to multiple times.

Establish Your Brand With A Sidewalk LED Sign

A sidewalk LED sign can be an effective part of your business’s streetside advertising. When used properly, it can build brand awareness, distinguish you from the competition, and draw in customers from the street.

At MEGA, we offer different LED sign options, from indoor to outdoor, so that you can find the right one for you business. We can help your business stand out and get the attention it deserves.

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