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5 Ridiculous Gas Station LED Myths

5 Ridiculous Gas Station LED Myths

Allow me to let you in on a secret about the gas station LED industry…

A lot of what you’ve heard about gas station LED signs is FALSE.

Both critics of LED signs and sign manufacturers are guilty of stretching the truth—with the former trying to downplay the power of LED advertising, and the latter trying to hide faults in their products.

So let’s set the record straight. Here are 5 of the biggest myths surrounding gas station LED signs, starting with…

Gas Station LED Signs Are Too Bright at Night/Too Dim During the Day

Alright, so you know those traffic lights sitting at most intersections? The ones you’ve seen almost every day for, I don’t know…forever? Nowadays, those are mostly produced with LED technology.

Critics will say that LED signs light up the night sky light a wildfire, but also paradoxically say that LED signs can’t possibly work during the day because they’re too dim.

Folks, you can’t have it both ways. The simple fact of the matter is that the government uses LED traffic lights because they offer high visibility at all times of the day without ever becoming a distraction to drivers—which is EXACTLY what we want to power our advertisements.

Gas Station LED Signs Aren’t Energy Efficient

This is just wrong. When you compare a gas station LED sign to, say, halogen or incandescent light bulbs, than LED signs are way, way more energy efficient.

The problem is that nowadays critics seem to assume that for a product to be labeled energy efficient, it has to use virtually NO energy. But when you compare LED to the alternatives, it’s clear who the winner is.

Gas Station LED Signs Have Issues with Generating Heat

Depending on who you talk to, you’re going to get two totally different opinions on this topic.

On one hand, you have dishonest sign manufacturers who claim that their products are built with space-age technology that defies the laws of physics. They’ll claim that their signs generate no heat whatsoever—which is just wrong.

On the other hand, you have legacy advertising proponents who claim that LED signs are just a ticking time bomb waiting to spontaneously combust. ALSO false.

High quality LED signs—even the best of them—generate some heat. The difference between a top-of-the-line LED sign and a bottom-of-the-barrel sign is the method used to deal with that heat. Our LED signs are built with extremely efficient heat distribution systems in place, keeping both the interior and exterior of your sign at safe temperature levels.

Gas Station LED Signs Don’t Last Very Long…Or Do They?

While many critics say that LED signs will fall apart in a gentle breeze, dishonest LED companies claim their signs will last until the end of time. Both statements are false.

While high quality gas station signs will last for years and even decades with proper maintenance and care, all LED signs will eventually need replacement. But when you consider the average lifespan of a TV ad or a standard billboard, LED signs last almost forever in comparison.

Gas Station Signs Are Expensive

While LED signs aren’t the right choice for every gas station owner, they are effective for most businesses. The potential ROI for your business is off the charts, especially when compared with other advertising channels.

But you get what you pay for. Choose a cheap sign made overseas, and you’ll likely face frequent, costly breakdowns. Choose a sign that’s more expensive, however, and that higher upfront cost will be recouped before you can blink.

The key is choosing the right sign for YOUR business.

The Truth About Gas Station LEDs

With all the bad information flying around the internet, finding an honest opinion on LED advertising is tough. Yes, we’re an LED manufacturer so we don’t blame you if you think we’re biased, but we’ve tried to give you an honest look at LED signs without the spin of a sales pitch.

The fact is, LED signs are a terrific choice for growing your business. That’s what our customers say, anyway.

So let’s just be clear—hotel LED signs aren’t dangerous. They don’t waste energy. They don’t overheat. And they aren’t super expensive investments that only Fortune 500 businesses can afford.

Truthfully, most hotels can benefit from an LED sign. Don’t take our word for it—just ask our real clients, running real businesses, getting real results.

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