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5 Common Hotel LED Myths

5 Common Hotel LED Myths

Want to know a big secret about the hotel LED industry?

Most of what you’ve heard about LED signs is false.

Dishonesty runs rampant on both sides of the aisle—from manufacturers trying to hype their product line to legacy advertisers claiming that LED signs just don’t work.

It’s time to set the record straight—here are five of the biggest myths about hotel LED signs, starting with…

Hotel LED Signs Are Too Bright at Night/Too Dim During the Day

Look, you have to pick one or the other. But some people claim that LED signs are both too bright AND to dim.

First of all, you know those traffic lights you’ve seen every single day for your entire life? For years, those lights have been made with LED technology specifically because LED lights are very easy to see both at night and during the day without blinding drivers.

Case closed.

Hotel LED Signs Aren’t Energy Efficient

For some reason, LED critics seem to think that LED signs have to use virtually NO energy to be labeled energy efficient. The truth is that LED signs—especially when compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs—use very little electricity.

While LED signs aren’t some magical, energy-less light source, you can feel good when your sign is plugged in knowing you aren’t contributing to the next ice age.

Hotel LED Signs Don’t Generate Heat OR Generate Tons of Heat

The first lie is perpetuated by the LED industry, with many manufacturers claiming they’ve broken the laws of physics. The second lie is spread by critics, who claim that your LED is a ticking time bomb waiting to spew lava all over your premises.

The truth is, all light sources emit some level of heat. It’s just not possible to convert energy to light with 100% efficiency. However, LED signs are extremely efficient, and your manufacturer has also taken great steps to ensure heat is equally distributed and released, rather than building up inside your hotel sign.

That means the surface of your sign won’t be hot to the touch, so don’t about getting burned.

Hotel LED Signs Break Easily OR Last Forever

Some manufacturers claim that their signs will outlast the Earth itself, while critics say that LED signs snap in half under a light breeze. Again, neither statement is true.

Hotel LEDs made by responsible manufacturers will last for years or decades, but all LED signs will eventually need repair and replacement. The difference between a good sign and a bad sign, however, might mean adding or subtracting a decade or more of life from your investment.

Hotel Signs Are Expensive

LED signs aren’t the right investment for some hotels, but for most businesses an LED sign’s upfront cost is pocket change compared to the potential ROI.

Whether you choose a small display or a big, high-definition sign, the secret to getting the most ROI from your investment is choosing the right sign for YOUR business.

But remember, you get what you pay for. That cheap, imported sign might seem attractive at first, but you’ll be pulling your hair out when it needs repairs in a month.

The Truth About LED Signs

With manufacturers promising the world and critics promising disappointment, it’s tough to find an honest opinion on the benefit of LED signs for hotels.

So let’s just be clear—hotel LED signs aren’t dangerous. They don’t waste energy. They don’t overheat. And they aren’t super expensive investments that only Fortune 500 businesses can afford.

Truthfully, most hotels can benefit from an LED sign. Don’t take our word for it—just ask our real clients, running real businesses, getting real results.

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