13 Nov

4 Tips to Improve ROI with Your Digital Billboard

4 Tips to Improve ROI with Your Digital Billboard

Digital billboards are easy, right? All you need to do is plug in your sign, think up some great sales messaging, and the billboard will take care of the rest. Right?

Well, no matter how fancy your digital billboard is, there are always a few improvements we can make to make your messaging more effective and get way better results.

Let’s go over four quick tips to improve your sign’s messaging, allowing you to reach more people, win more business, and see a huge return on your investment.

Learn Your Digital Billboard Software

Digital billboard software has grown by leaps and bounds, with modern tech allowing you to schedule, write and display content like never before.

But still, you’ll need to get the hang of your sign’s software first before you can start cranking out content.

Even a great sign can be held back by deficient software, which is why MEGA’s Cloud-based software allows you to make changes, schedule and adjust your content on the fly, wherever you may be.

Simple, effective sign software makes writing the perfect content a breeze.

Be Brief

On your standard readerboard sign, your message is limited by the number of letters you can cram onto the sign. But with the addition of LED’s scrolling text and videos, your messaging capabilities are expanded drastically.

That doesn’t mean you should start putting a novel’s worth of content on your sign, though. Brevity is your friend, and nobody wants to stop and read your messaging, no matter how fantastic it is.

You have to start with a general idea of what your message should be, then whittle down that raw content into something more refined that delivers your message without wasting a millisecond of anyone’s time.

Don’t Be Controversial

Controversy might work for some businesses, but it’s usually not a winning strategy. That couldn’t be more true than the past year and a half, with businesses posting polarizing political messages and potentially losing tons of clients.

There’s no point in alienating half of your customer base with a political or otherwise controversial message. Your sign has the ability to touch your entire community, so keep your messaging on-point and focus on sales. The payoff of striking gold with controversial content just isn’t worth the price.

Include Multimedia

Digital billboards aren’t just a one-to-one replacement for standard billboards—digital billboards are an improvement, yes, but they can also do so much more!

Limiting your sales message to static text is limiting your sign’s potential. Most billboards these days are capable of utilizing multimedia, so let’s make the most of it.

Your digital billboard is sort of like a cross between a TV ad and a normal billboard, so it makes sense that multimedia ads can be incredibly effective. Digital billboards combine text, visuals, audio, and even apps for things like time and temperature to give your viewers a truly unique experience.

Picking the right form of content can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Digital Billboards Are a Tool—Wield them Wisely

Digital billboards can’t do all the work by themselves—they need to be armed with powerful content to see real results.

Perhaps one of the most important takeaways here is that your sign’s messaging isn’t set in stone. Unlike print or TV ads, you can change your billboard whenever and wherever you want. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment a bit!

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